Mini-pre-packing University Haul! – Student Style!

Okay, so I've finally got my new laptop and I can continue to blog every single day for the rest of my blog - or something like that! Today I'll be blogging about some of my daily essentials - and some things that I thought I might be needing when I move away for uni! … Continue reading Mini-pre-packing University Haul! – Student Style!

Product Review: Pantene Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner

Last week I received a little parcel containing a few bottles of the brand new Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner. Because I'm a huge Schwarzkopf fan, and am currently working my way through another bottle of their new shampoo, I asked my mum to try out the shampoo and conditioner on my behalf. … Continue reading Product Review: Pantene Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner


As all of you who follow me are probably aware, I’ve actually been extremely busy this month. September? Well, not because I’ve started school/university yet, but more because I have this really weird ambition to always go out, and leave the house for the entire day and do some shopping with some friends and occasionally … Continue reading MISS ENN GIGI BLOG FEST

The love I have for Artbox UK

In the Artbox Free Delivery hype a few weeks ago, I decided to go to town...well, not literally. I went straight onto the Artbox website and started my mini-online shopping spree. I actually ended up spending 83p on two different postcards and a mini pencil. When I came home from work, I continued my little … Continue reading The love I have for Artbox UK

Skulduggery Pleasant Book 9 Review + GIVEAWAY

So as many of you guys already know, I’m a HUGE Skulduggery Pleasant fan. [Yes, I can be a shopaholic and a bookworm!] Since Book 1, I’ve been hooked. I initially came across the book during the ‘Year 7 Book Club’ phase of my life. I was a little Year 7, and was joining all … Continue reading Skulduggery Pleasant Book 9 Review + GIVEAWAY

Product Review: Tiger Paddle Hairbrush

If I have you on speed dial, you'll notice that I've been ringing you so often that it'll drive you nuts. A few weeks ago, whilst I was hiding from people, I popped into Superdrug and started thinking of buying a paddle brush. I had looked around to check out the other brushes out there … Continue reading Product Review: Tiger Paddle Hairbrush

Sometimes getting out of something is the best remedy

For the last couple of years, somehow I felt trapped a bit in school, and obliged to do something because there was simply no other way around it. But now that I've finished, I've found that I'm not pushing myself to have to study because now all I want to be able to do is … Continue reading Sometimes getting out of something is the best remedy