Rawr! Fresher’s Week has come to an end!

Dear Fellow Bloggers and Readers,

Sadly, Fresher’s Week came to an end on Sunday, and then it finally hit us that we were at university. Don’t get my wrong, I don’t feel homesick, just dreading assessments and class tests! This is just a quick update telling you guys that….WELL, I didn’t get struck down with Fresher’s Flu mwhahaha! But I will be blog posting on tasteuni.com to talk about a lot of topics like:

  • Why I choose Keele
  • Fresher’s Week at Keele
  • Why I think Keele is awesome
  • What I think of my lectures and laboratory workshops so far!
I will also be blogging about a series of foods and cakes that I’ll be making for my dinner when things settle down a bit more, and will be doing so on: ennkake.wordpress.com! Watch out for the latest posts by following ennkake.wordpress.com on bloglovin.com/enngigi!
My personal opinions and feelings about university, and everything that has changed since I moved away from home and away from my friends and family will be posted on theperfectdilemma.wordpress.com!
Hope you guys stay tuned! I’ve got plenty more blog posts about Christmas decorations from Urban 33, and Revlon Nail Polish reviews to talk about later on this week as well!
Will be travelling back down to London to see my family and friends, as well as to bring back everything that I forgot to bring when I packed (the day before I left) for Keele.
Will also be doing a page on How to Survive Fresher’s Week next month (so keep this page bookmarked as I will keep referencing back to it)!
Loves and kisses,
Posts to look out for!
  • Revlon Nail Polish
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Student Life = broke? Not really.
  • Going out outfits at University
  • Why deciding what to wear for university each day is a pain
  • From City to Village (London to Keele)
  • My noticeboard so far
  • Polagram review
  • Easyprint review
  • How best to settle down at University
  • When all else fails
  • Oxford Notebooks Review
  • Biosphere Magazine Review (Sample was given to Keele University Life Sciences Students)
  • Cute things to buy (Student Edition)
(Links will be added when blog post is published)
Last updated: 08/10/2014

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