Product Review: NYC Mousse Foundation

Before I first came across the idea of actually using ‘Foundation’ a couple of years ago, even before I started this blog, and before I knew anything about make up, I was really frantic about ending up buying the wrong shade of foundation. For that reason, I had always gone to the department stores like the counters in House of Fraser and John Lewis in order to find the perfect shade for me to use.

[Sarcastic] Tip: it saves money and money if you buy the right shade the first time so if you’re not too sure what shade you are, go to the department store counters and they would be more than happy to help you decide which shade you really are!

Anyway, when I went back to London I went on a bit of a ‘rushed’ shopping spree. I was meant to meet up with a few friends at 12, but I ended up getting there about half an hour early so I popped into Superdrug, and was wondering what I could get so I could review it on my blog. I had to get something that was going to be useful for me; something in the high-street budget range, and something that many people would actually want to try out.



I decided that I’d get the NYC Mousse Foundation 702 – in Natural Rose. There were a few sample shades there for me to choose from, so I tried them out, but since they were a bit contaminated by…well, people who wanted to try them out, it was quite difficult to actually see whether or not it was my colour. Nonetheless, I got the Natural Rose shade, and it has worked really well.

I’ve noticed that with quite a lot of the brands out there, it’s quite difficult to actually find your exact shade, but this Mousse Foundation works really well because it actually decides to blend into your skin, and mixes really well with moisturisers that I had put onto my skin before applying the foundation.

I had read a few reviews about it before, and people had hated the foundation. I actually can’t see why. There is a review on a few websites saying that the foundation wasn’t at all ‘mousse’-like, but in fact quite cakey. I really can’t see that happening with this foundation because it definitely works a treat to be honest.

However, I think that it could probably work better as a concealer. If you have small blemishes in your skin, just try this out, instead of covering your entire face with foundation!

If you find that you’ve bought the wrong shade, you could use it as a brightener, or wait and see if your skin lightens/darkens up because of the sun/coldness.

For £3.99 (minus student discount), I think that this buy was definitely worth it, and therefore, I’m actually quite happy about it and would recommend it to you all!


PS: Have you checked out my blog post on the Revlon Cream Blush? If not, GO CHECK IT OUT RIGHT NOW!


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