Product Review: Chanel Le Vernis 601 Mysterious

So I know I haven’t been blogging for quite a while now, but it’s about time I got back to it don’t you think? A few weeks ago, I was in Westfield Stratford, and came across this Chanel beauty counter – and well, I was hooked. The demonstrator tested some of the nail polish colours for me to see, and I really couldn’t decide which one I wanted. Eventually, after about an hour, I decided I wanted to buy two particular colours: one to wear for formal events, and one for casual days…

I’ll talk about one now, and one in a few blog posts down the line.


Shade/Colour: It’s quite a unique colour. It isn’t black, and it isn’t grey. It is the kind of murky-inbetween-colour. But its gorgeous and I love it. I know some black nail polishes make it look like you’ve just stuck your finger in the doorframe, but this colour is something different. It is dark, but it is actually quite unique and modern. It makes your nails look really sophisticated – especially if you decide you want to grow your nails out.

Appearance: The Chanel classic nail polish bottle is something that I love. It has two lids, which I find amazing because then you can be doubly sure that you’ve closed it, and you won’t accidentally spill anything! The Chanel logo on the bottle is something I love even more! It’s bliss! It looks so posh and stylish. What more can I say?

Price: The bottle of nail polish was quite expensive, but since I had a gift card, I went for it. At £18 (excluding the gift card), the Chanel nail polish is probably what you’d consider luxury. But it really does make a difference. I’ve always been quite a ‘keeno’ when it comes to buying and talking about nail polish, but having tried the Chanel Le Vernis Suspicious nail polish a few months back, I was definitely willing to spend the extra few pounds to buy something I know I will absolutely love. So far? No regrets.

If you’re looking for a colour that you know you want to love, this is definitely the colour and brand for it!

Hope you enjoyed reading!

I’ll be posting on with some of my updates about my adventures at Keele University soon! Watch out for that! – I’ll make sure I tag the link onto a few of my blog posts!

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