Product Review: Nails Inc. Uptown Nail Polish

Having been settling down at university for the past month, I haven’t really found the time to continuously be painting my nails, and waiting for them to dry properly. Nonetheless, I found another bag of cosmetics that I bought before I left London under my bed, so I decided that I might as well get started on some of my monthly favourites.

First up is from the Nails Inc’s Gel Effect collection. If you frequently check out my blog, you’ll realise that I have a huge affection and desire for this range of nail polishes. The different shades like Old Bond Street, Kensington Park Road etc., are all my favourite. But just a few days ago, I decided to try out the Uptown shade. And OMG: I love it. It goes with almost any skin tone, and just looks so delicate and pretty.

If you follow my Instagram page @enngigi, you’ll know what I’m talking about – and if you don’t here’s a picture of what it looks like!

IMG_1032 IMG_0981

I have actually noticed that you would probably need a few more layers of nail polish when applying it. I know it takes longer, and you have to wait for the gel effect part of it to dry, but it’ll definitely be worth it. I only did a very thin layer because when I usually use the darker shades of nail polish, it usually manages not to chip after a few hours or so….or maybe it’s because I’m doing more washing up. Anyway, if you have the time, paint at least two layers onto your nails so you can see the full colour, and it won’t chip as easily!

Whether you want to go to a party, or just have a quiet night in with your pyjamas, this shade of nail polish does it’s magic and works so well with every single outfit!




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