I currently have 40 minutes left of my break, and will attempt to write an awesome blog post in the meantime.

Since coming to university, I’ve realised that the attitudes of a handful of my friends have actually changed quite a bit – and not necessarily in a negative way. Moving away from the city was definitely something I had considered hundreds of times in the past couple of years – I had considered going to the States, going to Edinburgh, and even taking a gap year to explore the world. Leaving London and heading up North was definitely a big event in my life. Although the midlands are actually only a few hours away from London, and a couple of hours away from Nottingham, prior to leaving home, I felt that I was actually going quite far away. I don’t know if anyone else feels that way – but a three hour car journey isn’t actually that long if you think about it!

I’ve definitely not regretted moving far away to continue my studies at university – quite the opposite. I’ve loved my time at university (minus the number of papers and tests). But I’ve noticed that even though I’m further away, I’ve actually become much closer to the friends that I’ve left behind in London. I know moving quite far had always been the plan, but it was really weird when I actually became more fond of some of the friends perhaps I hadn’t met up with in a long time. Going back to London each month has actually started to become that monthly event where I meet up with a bunch of friends, and just have a good time – even if it is for a night out, or if it is just for a meal!

I’m not entirely sure what is the plan of the post, or where it will end up, but I think I’m actually becoming much more fond of the concept of long distance relationships. I say this, but I don’t mean a romantic relationship (Edit: LOL to people who automatically suggested that to me). Moving away from home has allowed me to basically grow ‘up’. I know a few people who have hated their first year at university, and have wanted to go home even after a few days of arriving. But the thing is, the majority of people I’ve been with at Keele have loved it. This experience has made me so much more mature. I can manage my money, I cook whenever I need to eat, I do my own laundry, I tidy my room (without being asked), and I basically run my everyday life by myself.

I actually think my parent’s are quite lucky because I know quite a few people who’ve had to keep travelling back home to get their clothes washed every week, and to get their food cooked and frozen for them. I do envy them a tad, but I think that having the ability to choose what I do, and what to eat is actually quite fun, and definitely an…lets say…eventful experience.

Although I know a few of my friends who have also travelled quite far across the UK, a few of my closest friends have also opted to stay in London for their undergraduate studies. I actually think that they have life given to them a bit easier – even though it was my choice to leave London in the first place. Sometimes I envy them when they can just pop into the city and go for a Starbucks – whereas I would have to travel an hour into town to get a nice iced drink (VANILLA CREAM FRAPP’ – my favourite from Starbucks…). Actually, comes to think of it, we’re meant to be living the ‘Student Life’, and even though I probably have enough savings to have a Starbucks a day right now, that probably isn’t the way to go about spending my day [in expensive coffee shops, I mean].

I’m glad I moved away from home, and even though I miss my parents quite a bit, it has definitely been a life changing experience for me. I have been through quite a lot, and this is ‘student life’ experience is probably something I had planned for in my mind, but living the actual life? It’s better. Definitely.

What do you think?



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