November HEMA Haul!

Should I do a shopping haul? A shopping haul? A shopping haul? Should I do a shopping haul? Yes. I. Should.

During the summer, as many of you would already know, I went to Littlehampton. On our way back, we visited Hema – one of the shops, like Tiger, in Victoria Station. Previously, I had never heard of the brand before, but it’s brightly coloured store, and such cool cups meant that I wanted to jump right in. And I walked out with around £26 worth of cups and nail polish – check out my cup post here: (I can already tell that you guys are loving the URL link)…

Then a few weeks ago, just after I arrived at Keele, I got sent an e-mail saying that they had opened a brand new UK online store! You actually have to have seen my expression at that point. I was so excited. I literally went online and started browsing through all the stuff I wanted.

But since I’m undertaking the role of ‘student life’ – LOL – I decided that I should wait and see whether I’d actually need the items before I bought them. Another week later, I gave up and ordered everything that I wanted that was already in my basket – score!


I won’t be taking pictures of the stuff I’ve bought individually, but if you really want to get a closer photo of it, just tweet me and I’ll send it via Twitter! Tweet me at: – and I should reply within a few hours!

Boston Small Grey Coffee Cups: Well, if you follow me on Instagram and on Twitter, you’ll have met my brand new cups a few hours ago! They’re absolutely amazing. You know when you make a cup of tea or make a cup of coffee, but then you never have enough time to finish it before it goes cold? Well, this cup combats that problem for sure. It’s the perfect size! For everything! I’ve used it a few times when I was revising in the kitchen, but as far as I’m aware right now, it’s high quality, and cute. I like it!

NB – You can also put them into the microwave I think – I’m not too sure how to read the care labels for kitchenware so will have to check up on that a bit later…

£0.75 per cup

2-pack mug 25cl – Grey: If you’ve checked out my previous post (as linked above) you’ll recognise these cups! However, these mugs are much stronger and are made out of a much stronger material. What material? Uhm… I can’t tell because it doesn’t tell me on the description! But it’s definitely stronger, and I love it. It means you can securely put hot drinks into it, without damaging the cup. Loving it already. More tea for me!

Cost: £4 for 2 mugs

Melamine breakfast plate: It’s generally a smaller plate than the dinner plate (see below). It can fit your toast onto it whilst you butter your toast, or maybe you can fit ice cream or crumpets onto it! It’s a perfect size, and piles on nicely onto the dinner plate – for when you can’t really be bothered to do the washing up!

£2.50 per plate

Melamine dinner plate: I think I should have put both of the plates together, in the same part, but I think that the dinner plate is kind of different from the plate. Don’t get me wrong, it’s of the same quality, but generally fits food for dinner. So, basically you can fit a steak and chips on it with ease!

Cost: £3 per plate

I also ordered a few ‘specially designed’ cups, but I won’t be blogging about them until a few months time since I want to give these as presents to some of my friends!

I also used TopCashBack to buy my items so if you want to get cashback on almost everything that you buy online, just sign up using this link! if you’re still not too sure how to sign up, just email me at, and I’ll help you get sorted as soon as I have time!

Hope it’s got you into the Christmas-kitchen-ware mood!


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