My new Sunday morning routine

So I’m attempting to get into a ‘Sunday morning’ routine. And well, what does this consist of?

It’s 9am, and I’ve already done my washing, tumble-drying, folding, wardrobing, the food shopping, the dishes (in the kitchen), and I’ve printed out next week’s lecture notes. I’m quite a happy bunny this morning if I do have to say so myself.

I know that unless I get myself into a routine, I’m less likely to do chores…even if I live in halls at University. When you’re at home, you think, ‘well, if I don’t do my washing, mum will do it for me…’. At university, especially when you’re 150 odd miles away from home, asking mum to do my washing simply isn’t an option for me. Let’s just say, before I came to university, I had never used a washing machine before, and I didn’t wash the dishes everyday at home.

I used to sort out clothes into different colours when I was at home – but the majority of my clothes were black, and really dark grey – so I didn’t really have much to do if I have to be honest with you all…but now, at university, I have a lot of clothes, and it’s only my washing that I have to do. This means that I have to gather all my clothes from around my room, and sort them out one by one. I thought this process used to take ages because I have loads of clothes, but I’ve actually realised (…even though it’s common sense), that it is much easier just to put your dirty clothes into separate piles in the bathroom when you want to wash them. This means that you don’t have to touch much of it again, and it’s already done when you suddenly decide you want to do the washing on a Sunday morning.

Washing my clothes on campus is actually quite expensive. It’s £2.50 for wash, and £1 for the tumble dry. It cost me £6 today. In total, I did two washes, and one tumble dry where I just shoved everything into one drying machine, and hoped it’d all fit. This is my second wash in the laundrette since I’ve arrived at Keele since the first couple of weeks I took my clothes home to my mum because I didn’t have a laundry card and was too weirded out by the building where you had to buy them, to go and get a card in the first place…hehehehehehehehe.

The dishes – well, I had signed a ‘contract’ with my mum during the summer holidays before uni started, that I would do all the dishes 2 hours before I went to sleep. (HAHAHAHA) ….well, do I really need to say more about that? I broke the contract. No consequences though! Now, our kitchen is actually moderately tidy and clean. It isn’t deadly dirty. But I do the dishes whenever I next need a plate or cutlery – which is usually the next day given that I’ve only taken two plates and two bowls into the kitchen, and put the rest under my bed so I wouldn’t need to use them – so they’d stay new and clean! Check out my HEMA (November) haul on my lifestyle and beauty blog!

I know for a lot of people, washing and doing chores in general isn’t really first on their list, but when you go to university, it’ll hit you hard if it isn’t. Aside from your academics, cleaning up after yourself, and basically getting organised is something you need to consider greatly before you decide to get drunk and go for a party. If you’re a mess, you might find that you’ll have no clothes to wear…what an awkward moment that would be.

I know that I’m quite a lazy person – and therefore this routine of getting up at 7am to do my washing, and wait for my food delivery is probably something I need to be able to do before I decide I get to get lie-ins on Sundays again. That, and I have a test tomorrow and I should probably get revising.

I’ll be doing a food haul this week from my online shop with Ocado! So check it out later this week on! Also get following on Twitter @enngigi, and

Hope you enjoyed reading;…now fellow uni students….go do your washing before people find out you’ve been wearing the same clothes over and over again for the past week!

Now, it’s nearly 10am. What do I do? Blog more.


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