My new Sunday morning routine


the Perfect Dilemma

So I’m attempting to get into a ‘Sunday morning’ routine. And well, what does this consist of?

It’s 9am, and I’ve already done my washing, tumble-drying, folding, wardrobing, the food shopping, the dishes (in the kitchen), and I’ve printed out next week’s lecture notes. I’m quite a happy bunny this morning if I do have to say so myself.

I know that unless I get myself into a routine, I’m less likely to do chores…even if I live in halls at University. When you’re at home, you think, ‘well, if I don’t do my washing, mum will do it for me…’. At university, especially when you’re 150 odd miles away from home, asking mum to do my washing simply isn’t an option for me. Let’s just say, before I came to university, I had never used a washing machine before, and I didn’t wash the dishes everyday at home.


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