What if they say something else?

“Only that in you which is me can hear what I’m saying.”

~Baba Ram Dass

Since my desk is a bit smaller than I’m used to, I resorted to using my bed as a desk, and the floor as my chair. So as my papers and I were sprawled across the floor of my room, I began to think about all the different things that have happened in my life within the last couple of months. Primarily I have never really thought about it before and so I decided that sometimes it’s much weirder to think about things individually.

Everyone has a considerable number of good days where some people constantly have bad days. We can’t predict when different people tell us things, their reactions, and the reactions that give out to other people. We all have different opinions of the same matter, and everyone handles different situations differently.

Sometimes you think that you are alone but then again everyone has someone else to be with them. No one can predict what someone else is going to say when you feed them new information. In arguments, you cannot predict word for word what your opponent will come up with well, unless you’ve thought it out a lot, and have come up with numerous numbers of possible responses.

Sometimes many people think they know how someone is going to respond, but in reality, they will respond another way. It has always been like that.

But so what if they say something else?

The more you think about something in particular, the more likely it won’t turn out how you predicted; the way you are most prepared; the way you are most comfortable with. In general, sometimes in life we can’t manipulate our future. Everyone has different factors that would affect their responses and their opinions, and sometimes we need to realise that maybe things aren’t all as they seem. We can’t determine anything without waiting to see what happens. We really can’t.

Why? Well, there are so many different possibilities and combinations in life. The way we think is different from the way someone else speaks, analyses and thinks etcetera.

What’s to say that something might sometimes work out one way? Or not.

You confused yet?



*Originally posted on theperfectdilemma.wordpress.com*

As part of my move to merge and decompartmentalize my blogs and websites, this post above has been re-published onto enngigi.wordpress.com. This blog post was originally published on the 20th November 2014.

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