Product Review: Dior Saint Tropez 401

So you’ve read the reviews about the Nails Inc. nail polishes; you’ve read the reviews about the Chanel nail polishes that I adore so much, and now, you’re going to read about the Dior nail polish that I bought about a year ago. As many of you have probably realised, nail polishes are definitely one of my favourite beauty products, if I can say that without sounding weird.


It definitely took a long time to save up for the bottle of nail polish, but to be quite honest with you all, I definitely think it was worth it. Just after results day, I decided that I’d go on a beauty haul, but having had to pack for university, move into university, and unpack. To be frank, it took such a long time. It really did. Moving into university, settling down, and catching up on work. As a result, I never really got the time to try out the Dior nail polish having bought it a good few months earlier: until today.

After finishing my lab session in the evening, I decided that I was going to treat myself to do ‘relaxing’ evening. Never did it actually occur to me that I actually had a to do list of around twenty chores and tasks to do for university, and for life in general.

This nail polish caught my eye when I was shopping online. I’m not really sure what tempted me to click ‘Dior’ when I went through the online filter, but somehow, I managed to find it. It was actually the limited edition nail polish Saint Tropez 401 that caught my attention. And I literally had to have it. I had read about it before, and had heard that it had sold out last summer so quickly that anyone could barely get their hands on it before it sold out.

But nonetheless, I got my hands on it. The Saint Tropez 401 was made in France, and has this amazing cream blue colour to it. It reminds me so much of the calm teal colours that I’ve seen in Kiko Cosmetic’s nail polish ranges, but this Dior Nail Polish was something different.

The brush was definitely much thicker than the other brushes that perhaps Chanel and Essie use, but having a thicker and bigger brush made it much easier to apply the nail polish directly onto my nails. As it was quite a thick formula, I only really needed to apply one coat, and it did the job.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the picture of the nail polish already (and if you don’t, you better start following or you’ll miss out on the different things I get up to in my everyday normal life)!

I know for a fact that for around £20, for some, this nail particular polish may be out of your Christmas present budget, but this shade is amazing, and you could probably find it online somewhere – if you really want to find this exact shade, just pop me a message and I’ll keep my eye out for you as well! It works especially well for Christmas presents – and we all know that everyone has their favourite nail polishes – so why not buy one for your loved ones?

Tell me what you think!


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