GRAZE UK: Subscription Review!

So this is my second week of subscribing to Graze UK, and well, I love it. I have received two boxes and well, I’m in love with these snacks. Usually you go to the supermarket, and you buy the snacks that you’ve been eating since you were little, simply out of habit. You never really get to try anything new do you? Well?


It’s the truth. When you’re going out, you go for the foods that you’ve been eating for years, and you never even bother thinking of having a sample or just try different types of snacks, or perhaps just a different flavour.

Graze gives you a different variety of snacks each time, and it just makes you rediscover perhaps some of the snacks you’ve forgotten about, or simply haven’t tried.

You get four small snack boxes each month, which are actually amazingly delicious. The first week I got a box of delicious flapjacks, and chocolate buttons. However, I did order the kids box because I’m a kid, and prefer chocolate and flapjacks compared to hazelnuts and pizza biscuits.

For £3.99 per box, it is a huge bargain, you might think ‘well, do I want to spend this money on food?’ well, you might not want to, but it is definitely worth it, especially if you’re trying to limit the amount of snacks you consume each day. Because there is only a set limit of snacks you get sent, I have found that I try and save up the nice samples so I get to eat them in-between lectures, or just when I get bored!

They aren’t heavy snacks – so you still have to eat your meals, and cannot replace your dinner with snacks – but they are light enough to make you feel less hungry! They are convenient and they fit into your purse/bag snugly so you don’t have to carry around an entire packet of snacks.

What else? It has always arrived on time!

If you want to try something new, check out the website, and subscribe to it using the voucher code WFD6XKVZB to get your 1st, 5th, and 10th boxes free!

You can cancel the subscription at any time, and can also delay your deliveries if you are going away for the Christmas break!

Try it out & tell me what you love about Graze!


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