SHOOOOOOOES Review: Nice melody, Clarks!

So today’s blog post is going to be something quite different. Today I thought I’d blog about my favourite pair of shoes. You’ve all seen my classic pair of heels (the one with laces…) and my boots, but I’ve never really gotten the chance to blog about my newer pair of shoes. This pair is definitely different from my usual range of shoes, but I think I’m bonding with this pair more than the others!

IMG_3897 Photo on 30-11-2014 at 14.03 #3

They fit so comfortably, and aren’t too high – so you can wear them whenever you go out! It probably isn’t ideal for snow and ice, but if you just want to pop down to the shops, they make the perfect shoes, and go with almost every outfit! Whether it’s going to lectures, popping to your parent’s house, or just heading to the supermarket, these shoes will look amazing!

Having bought them from Clarks, I kind of knew that my feet wouldn’t swell, and my feet wouldn’t hurt after wearing this pair of hours. They always seem to have a really good reputation  – and although I know some people might not turn straight away to Clarks when you think of buying shoes, you should definitely go check them out – they have an online shop too – if you’ve never bought shoes from there before. If you have kids, or are still in school, you’ll probably have visited them a good few times when buying school shoes – I certainly did! For around £30, these wedges (I think I could call them that), were definitely worth it!

The laces are a bit tough, but you’ll get used to them after a while, and you’ll know how much to tighten them so that your feet won’t feel ‘cramped’ up. My new favourites!

What are your favourites?



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