Product Review: Collection 2000 Colourlash Mascara

So guys, I’ve just about managed to unpack loads of my stuff back into my old room in London…it seriously took ages for me to pack (well, an entire morning…) and I think that I probably left one of the most important beauty essentials back in Keele [I’ll tell you more about this later…and you can probably tell what I left behind considering that I still have my favourite blue nail polish chipping off of my nails still…].

The Brand

A few days ago, when doing my last minute crafts shopping in Wilko, I came across the beauty stands in store and decided to have a quick look. Considering I didn’t have much cash on me (well, had just ate a huge meal with a few of my friends), I decided that I’d perhaps go for something more on the line of high street cosmetics as opposed to perhaps some of the slightly more ‘expensive’ nail polish brands that I usually go for. I looked at a few of the colours in the Collection 2000 range, and although I was quite interested in a few of the colours they had, and I hadn’t already bought, the mascara on the shelves caught my eye even more.



I had tried a few of the Collection 2000 mascaras before they were rebranded/redesigned, but since that was a good few years ago, I was reasonably intrigued to see if I’d still manage to love the brand again. In a few words, the brand didn’t disappoint. The overall design of the brand is quite sleek and stylish – I really love it! The simple and black/gold packaging really makes it quite attractive, and now I can actually see why it caught my eye!

The Brush

The brush is actually quite thick, and the tube which allows the brush to escape maybe isn’t small enough to ensure the liquid doesn’t come out in bundles…however, it does allow you to get reasonably good coverage! The mascara doesn’t come up clumpy on your eye lashes, and the ‘jet black’ colour shows up really well!

The texture of the mascara

The mascara itself is quite smooth, and it doesn’t cause clumsiness. It is smooth, and really manages to work well around your eye lashes. It doesn’t make you accidentally poke yourself in the eye, and it dries quite quickly – (but manages to let you rub any mascara off if you accidentally get it onto your eye lids or around your eyes)! It isn’t waterproof, but if you use the Collection 2000 Colourlash Mascara after applying the Jet Black Mascara onto it, it’ll definitely stay on for a good 12 hours! Definitely would recommend to people who are not going to cry because they are too happy its Christmas, and also don’t want to carry on applying make-up during events and parties!


There isn’t much to talk about mascara when you take off the brush, the texture/smoothness of the liquid, and the packaging. But something that I definitely have to mention is the price that I paid for the mascara. For £1.98 each, definitely worth it. Want something for last minute stocking fillers? Get your girls some mascara from Collection 2000!

Here are some selfies…uhhhhh yeah.


1. Jet Black Mascara first, then wait a few minutes before:

2. Applying the Collection 2000 Clear Colourlash Mascara.

Photo on 24-12-2014 at 13.09

Photo on 24-12-2014 at 13.41




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