The essential university packing list – Part 1

Well, for the past couple of weeks I have been compiling a list of everything that I’ll need to take back to university:

Since I was allowed to leave some stuff under in the under-bed storage compartment, I’ll create two lists where list the stuff that I’ve left under my bed which I have found useful, and the stuff that I’ve taken home over the Easter because they needed washing/I needed them for life in general…

I’ll be posting these lists in different blog posts, but they’ll all be under the same category so if you subscribe halfway through my list-making sessions, you can find all the blog posts all in the same place! How convenient (unlike packing in general)!

I decided to publish this blog post a few days earlier than I had planned for it to be posted as I know quite a few people are actually heading back to university next weekend.

The stuff I’ve left underneath my bed:

  • Nail varnish remover with cotton wool pads
  • Washing up liquid (really cheap if you live near an ALDI)
  • Washing up sponges
  • 5 x mugs/cups
  • 2 x glasses
  • 5 x plates (although you’re cooking for one, you might not always want to wash up)

You might be wondering ‘why don’t I need like ten thousand cups?’ well, this is because although at home you might have thousands and thousands of cups, all the members in your household generally use them. This means that, unless all your family visit all at once, you probably won’t use more than about three cups/plates at one time – and that’s given that you refuse to wash up for few days. However, the two additional cups/plates/bowls are just in case you’ve forgotten where you put the plate, and when you come back to it, it’s mouldy – and thus you chuck it in the bin because you can’t take that type of washing-up dilemmas (honestly, my kitchen of 7 has experienced this so many damn times!).

  • 3 x microwavable boxes/Tupperware/bowls
  • 4 sets of cutlery
  • 5 x bowls
  • A pack of straws (or the ones from the food shops that you haven’t used yet)
  • SUGARRRRRRRR…for all those tea lovers out there
  • Tea/coffee – ask your parents to buy this as going away presents – it’ll definitely pay off when you’re at the library at 1am thinking ‘why didn’t I write this paper earlier?!’

The stuff I’ve taken home:


  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Boots
  • Other clothing essentials that you love

TIP: Don’t bring too many clothes if you don’t actually think you will get around to wearing – you’ll only end up bringing them back and forth! If you’re not that much of a sociable person, and you don’t like going out all the time, and you prefer to wear t-shirts and hoodies all the time, you probably won’t need a thousand and one dresses…just think about it realistically for a moment there. I bought a lot of dresses, and now I’m just wearing them randomly around the house (when I’m at home during Easter/Christmas) just because I’m not that sure I’ll get a chance to wear it anywhere else since wearing a strapless dress to lectures isn’t that desirable!


  • Hair-brush
  • Nail varnish/with nail varnish remover
  • Cotton wool

TIP: Unless something is on a special offer/discounted, don’t buy all your toiletries to last you the entire year unless you plan on being a turtle and living inside your home for the entire semester. Occasionally, some things might spill in your suitcase, and other items might get ruined. Superdrug do a minimum £10 spend (if you can’t get pop into town that easily because your university is in the middle of the countryside) – therefore, if you need deodorant or something, order it when you order your shampoo/shower gel – Superdrug sometimes also do a beautycard free delivery period where beautycard holders can get free delivery with no minimum spend! This way, you won’t be left with loads of stuff that you’d have to take home at the end of the year – and you won’t be in student debt already because you’ve already bought everything you think you might/might not have needed – I mean, how much deodorant will you need?!

Student Essentials:

  • Earphones (to block out loud noises/to listen to music on your train journey home)
  • Speakers – for when you want to listen to loud music!
  • Notepads (buy about 3 pads before you get there, and then look out for good student discount deals from Amazon or Rymans before you buy any more! Unless you write like mad, you probably won’t need that many refill pads as each pad has about 250 pages!)
  • Plain A4 paper – when I got to uni, I absolutely forgot about buying plain paper – this meant that I ended up buying the expensive HP paper from the Blackwells on Campus for double the price just because I needed to print out a few pages for one of my courses!
  • Printer ink – if you bring a printer to uni, make sure you bring some sort of wire that allows you to print from your laptop to your printer directly – just in case the uni servers and wifi don’t connect properly! Printer ink is something that is expensive, but you need it most of the time. Costco do really good refill printer ink deals so if you live near one – have a look at the prices before you leave for uni!
  • Umbrella – nothing says #studentlife better than rocking up to a lecture soaking wet. It’s weird, and all your stuff might be wet too – so even worse than something leaking in your bag…unless that’s what you’re after!

Best wishes, and good luck with packing! (I’ll update this blog post soon!)

Updates: I’ll be posting a few pictures of the state of my room when I’ve finished a few more of my exams this Semester.

What have I realised (after unpacking following the Easter holidays)?

  • One suitcase of clothes is actually enough
  • Because I did one suitcase of clothes ONLY – it meant that all my clothes had hangers, and nothing was left folded up – which saved so much more room!
  • This also means less washing heheheh!
  • I also realised that it was a better idea to buy my food at Asda in Newcastle Under Lyme AFTER I’ve unpacked as this therefore gave me a much better idea of how much I could fit into the fridge/freezer/in random parts of my room.
  • In conclusion, although I will be updating this blog post with pictures and further comments later on this month, I’ve realised that I don’t actually need that much stuff in my uni room. I’ve managed to cut down the stuff that I’ve brought back, and now I even have half of my under-bed storage, and all my bedside drawers free for me to (hopefully not, but: buy more stuff/fill them up with other stuff/notes)…
  • Edit 13th June 2015: I actually saw so many people leave halls with a suitcase and a handbag. I bet they had no packing to do and had a full nights sleep. Lucky sods.
  • Anyway, that’s all for now!

Best wishes,



2 thoughts on “The essential university packing list – Part 1

  1. lorellaeliz says:

    LOL that part about “one suitcase is enough” reminded me of my boyfriend at the end of this past spring semester. Helping him pack was a hassle, he had so much crap and like two/three suitcases under his bed! Granted, he DID take his Playstation & Wii so more space was needed, but honestly you make it sound so easy and simple, it’s hilarious that he needed twice the amount of space!!


    • @enngigi says:

      Took me an entire car load to carry all of my stuff back home at Christmas (parents insisted I needed to bring like six pillows). But then when I was at home, I decided to pack up all the stuff that I actually touched when I was at university: aside from a few more pots and pans that mum wanted me to replace, one additional suitcase actually fit everything [though it kind of does depend on how big the suitcase is :D]. But yeah, one suitcase of clothes did the job for the semester!
      Might be venturing to Canada next Semester to do study abroad – I can guarantee you, parents will not pay for extra baggage = me HAVING to fit everything into one suitcase :(!


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