Quick updates: summer/food/exams/sun (what’s coming up…)

Sooooo…you guys are probably wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks. Well, all I can say is: Easter holidays (which, being a typical university student usually means revising/roaming around London catching up on all my shopping and being thrifty…aka the student version of saving up?).

I’ve been posting on Instagram quite regularly so if you don’t follow me already…go do it! instagram.com/enngigi. I may not post, but there is one thing that I definitely do everyday – like any other student would – take pictures…to send to the parents to prove that yes, I am eating well, and yes, I am doing my washing up, and yes, I am going to lectures. How do I prove I’m going to lectures and lab sessions? Take a picture of my cup of coffee and hold it up so that you can blurr-ly see the lecture screen behind it…then whatsapp it over to the parents!

Heheh...now tell me: who doesn't love a nice cold starbucks on a hot summers day?

Heheh…now tell me: who doesn’t love a nice cold starbucks on a hot summers day?

So what has been going on this semester (year 1, semester 2)?

  • Got nominated for Studying Abroad next semester/Fall of 2015…which meant that I’ve actually been doing a LOT of preparation for it. I’ll probably be starting a study abroad division of my blog if I manage to pass the Semester 2 exams, and then actually step foot on the plane and start studying in a completely new country to me! You’re probably thinking: ‘…all you have to do is just fill in the application form and send it off’…you’re wrong. I’ll do a more in-depth description of the process a bit later.
  • Study Abroad Preparation: risk assessments, insurance forms, budget requirements/forms, getting all my proposed modules signed off by BOTH study abroad tutors, getting references from both departmental study abroad officers…attending all the required cultural lectures, sending off the application form, waiting for reply, applying for accommodation…well, let’s just say I’ve just gotten started. When your application relies on more than one person, the study abroad application process definitely takes a LOT longer than planned – especially when the other people dislike replying to emails (but luckily, only a few people hate replying to emails)! Tip: don’t procrastinate. Just don’t – it never ends well.
  • Doing my Lab Diary. If you follow me on Twitter @enngigi, you’ll definitely feel my pain. What have I been doing in my laboratory classes/every single second of the last two weeks? My lab diary. I hate the book but it’s around 30% of my grade, and it is a real pain. I guess it’s alright for some people who don’t really mind getting their lab diary messy etc., but getting it messy means it becomes such a pain in the bum when you have to make sure you’ve included everything that you need…yeah. Tip: if you’re going to be first year Chemist come this September…make sure you get all the sleep you can possibly get just before work is due. Even if you start your reports/lab diary ages before the deadline, somehow you might end up finishing it the morning that it’s due. If you’re doing dual donors like me, just hope that your other subject finishes lectures before the Easter holidays!
  • [Have a look at the countryside pictures on my Instagram!] – Just before the Easter Break, my friends and I decided to take a trek up to the Keele Motorway Services having realised that it was just a 15 minute walk from Campus, and it had STARBUCKS and KFC (Note: every time you go to KFC, keep your receipt and do the survey to get 20% off your next purchase over £5!). I really don’t know what more to say. KFC is definitely the hangover food every single student wants – well, maybe some people like McDonald’s, but I don’t think everyone is willing to pay for a £6 cab journey there, and then the same back, just to get a Happy Meal! The countryside is honestly one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve seen so far in my life. It really makes me feel at home – safe, and tired, and at home.
  • I’ve been working with a few companies and might be doing some collaborations with other bloggers later this summer, but will have to wait until after the exams are over before I get started – otherwise everything wouldn’t be as worth it!
  • A very very very very close friend and I will be doing a Summer Bucket List in late June when exams are over and I’ve settled back at home – so if you have any good ideas of what I could include in it…let me know! Check out last Summer’s Bucket list here: https://enngigi.wordpress.com/the-summer-page/.
  • So, what most of you are probably waiting for: my beauty blog posts. I’ve just about gotten (actually, hoarded probably sounds better in this case) a few more beauty gadgets and new make up items over the past couple of months, and I can’t wait to share my beauty finds with you. Just wake a few more days/weeks and it’ll all be here for you to read! Subscribe to be the first to know…weeeeeeeeeee…and I’m off again!

Best of luck guys with your exams, hope that everyone is having an amazing summer so far!

Natalie x

PS. Sorry for the typos if there are any..I’ll go back and correct them when I have more time!

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