SUMMER 15: BOURNEMOUTH – being an independent gal… (PART 1)

I’M BACK! After a good few months of hibernating, I’ve finally found the time to update my blog! HEHEH! I’ve also been pretty active on Twitter so get following me on there, and check out my Instagram feed for some hot beach and food pictures!

After a few a lot of last minute bailing on days out, I finally decided to go to Bournemouth by myself as I had already bought my tickets, and it was too late to buy tickets for other people to come as well (student life has now meant that I refuse to let people pay £30 for last minute tickets…it’s all about cashback and advance train tickets now)!

Although you’re probably thinking ‘…what? She went to the beach by herself?! NUTS.’, it was actually a really relaxing day. I loved being able to guide myself around the city without data (I ran out…uhhhhm…totally wasn’t my fault – but I knew this before I left London so it was probably my own fault), and not having to depend on other people during the trip meant that the entire trip wasn’t stressful at all. It was in fact, quite carefree, and a lot cheaper! Read on to find out more about my trip…

So I took the 09:35 out of London Waterloo: it was incredibly hot getting on the Central Line, then changing lines in order to get from home to Waterloo…everyone was being sweaty on the train during rush hour – no change there 😉

But when I eventually got to Waterloo, I made the inevitable trip to Starbucks to claim my free drink (Starbucks Rewards) and ordered my favourite Vanilla Frappuccino – definitely go try it if you haven’t already – to me, it is worth waiting in line for 5 minutes for hehe!

I love just being able to watch the sea just moving around. It was really hot, but luckily I had packed enough water and snacks to keep me moving around in the sun! I almost forgot my sunglasses, but remembered just before I left the house…so thankful of that (check out my sunglasses on Instagram!).


REMEMBER to protect yourself from the sun! As I wore a t-shirt that day, I really didn’t want to have sunburn on my arms and on my neck – so as usual, I put on my Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion before I left the house, and then applied another layer once I got onto the beach.

With my trip being on a school day, the beach was ridiculously empty – then again, it made it such a calm place to just relax and have a nice nap!

I’ve actually found that visiting the beaches in the UK might not feel like a holiday, but with the temperature in the UK being as high as it is right now, it just ALMOST feels the same! Since I was also in Bournemouth to do some other work too, I’ll be reviewing some of the other places that I visited later today! [Links will be posted soon!]

Note: It is currently 15:24 on the 30th June AND IT IS BOILING HOT IN LONDON. Glad to be back though!


Check out Part II of my BOURNEMOUTH TRIP!

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