The Bucket v2015

So, for many of you, Summer has just started. For me, on the other hand, summer started a few weeks ago. I don’t know what is going to happen when Summer 2015 ends: whether it’s going on my semester abroad at UVic, Canada, or whether it’s heading back to Keele for another semester of living the student life at our new house!

I’ll be updating my Summer Bucket List with Hicks this summer (aiming for 50), so hopefully we’ll accomplish more of it this time! [More will be added later this month]

1. Visit as many places within the UK as I possibly can!

2. Attend a Festival of some sort

3. Visit the Sky Gardens/more officially known as 20 Fenchurch Street, London (1st July)

4. 30 day Cooking Dinner Challenge: check it out here!

  • DAY 1: 6th July: Pork and Chicken Pasta; Cupcake & Custard Dessert
  • DAY 2: 7th July: Beef and Vegetable Stuffed Mushrooms; Mini chocolate eclairs with strawberries & cream.
  • DAY 3: 8th July: Mini Meatball Tigers & New York Cheesecake
  • DAY 0: 9th July: Dining out whilst seeing Jurassic World…
  • DAY 4: 10th July: Ready Made Chicken Wings, Sausage Rolls and French Fries!

5. Blog at least 20 times a month for the next two months (July & August)

6. Travel to Europe with the Friends this Summer

7. Lake District? (Hick’s contribution)

8. Save up (LOL…I can dream right?)

9. Average 200 views a day across my two lifestyle blogs

10. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter, 5000 on Instagram,900 on E-mail Subscriptions

11. Get around to taking my driving test

12. Make Lemonade for a Picnic!

13. Host a Harry Potter Marathon! (Hick’s contribution)

14. Watch Star Wars (Hick’s contribution)

15. Watch Lord of the Rings (Hick’s contribution)


17. Play Cards Against Humanity (Hick’s contribution): I WON…a good few times!

18. Walk 15 miles in a day

19. Read an entire book whilst in a book shop…hehe (Hick’s contribution)

20. Sell all the crap in my room

21. Get some funny personalised t-shirts

22. Make a YouTube tutorial on something

23. Go Hiking somewhere in London

24. Visit a make-shift Beach in London

25. 24 hour Movie Marathon/Sleepover!

26. Force Hicks to read an entire John Green book

27. Go an entire day without technology (only published posts/scheduled tweets allowed!)

28. Pretend to buy a house at the store

29. Get up at 5.30am each morning and go for a run!

30. Make my own Ice Cream

31. Donate/fundraise £300 for Charity

…reckon I’ll be able to do it? Maybe! We’ll see.

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