SUMMER 15: BOURNEMOUTH – being in love with FOOOOOOD… (PART 2)

Check out Part I of my Bournemouth Trip here!


Well, we all know a day out isn’t complete without a trip to the coffee shop! I sat in the Royal Arcade’s Caffe Nero for just under an hour. It was just so relaxing, and the place was absolutely beautiful inside the Royal Arcade. There were so many nice and cute vintage comic book shops, and art workshops there! I wish it could be my house…but yup, as they say, you can’t live in a shopping centre…so maybe one day?

IMG_4036 IMG_4038


Outside Huckleberry’s trying to decide what cupcake I wanted…

Giggi’s Gelato, Home Made Italian Ice Cream: This place had been recommended to me so many times by a few of my friends who were studying at Bournemouth, but had already gone home for the Summer break. At first when I was trying to find the shop, I was really confused because I had no idea where the ice cream shop was located…but I wondered around and soon enough I came across some guy holding a sign pointing to where it was. Score. Didn’t even need Google maps to find it! The ice cream was absolutely delicious. I can’t remember the prices exactly, but I think mine was £2.35 (£2 for one vanilla scoop, and 35p for the chocolate flake) – forgive me if I’m wrong. But although it was a tad bit more expensive, it was definitely worth the time finding the place, and definitely worth every penny! Definitely will be going back there when I next have time – I LOVE their homemade ice cream!


Popped into Huckleberry’s Kitchen, Brighton just before they closed for the day to buy myself a strawberry and vanilla cupcake for the train journey home.

Huckleberry’s Kitchen: I had been looking for places to go the night before and came across this amazingly delightful cupcake shop on the high street in Biscombe. I didn’t actually think it’d be easy to find considering I didn’t have data on my phone (yes, yes, silly me, I ran out…) but after a few times of getting lost in the town centre, I found it! I was so happy, and opted for the Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake. I had just eaten my dinner at that point and so I asked for the cupcake to takeaway so I could eat it on the train journey home. It was £1.99/£1.95 for the cupcake (I can’t remember the exact price), but it was so yummy and the texture was just right! (It was also a HUGE plus that it didn’t melt or get soggy in the heat – eating my cupcake made my train journey home the most exciting moment in my life – my cupcake excitement probably came across as slightly weird when the ticket conductor was checking my tickets…)

I genuinely had an amazing day. It felt really good to be travelling on my own – even if it was just to another town in the UK. Aside from using my camera on my phone to capture my memories of the day, I barely even used my phone and it just felt good to be without technology for a few hours of my life. Now I have another point ticked off my summer bucket list!


PS. Watch out for the Brighton, Birmingham, and Cardiff blog posts soon!


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