SUMMER 15: the #1 Way To Unhealthily Spend Money in Brighton

In many ways, you could say that my trip to Brighton was more of an impromptu trip to Brighton…but only if you compare it to my other trips. We had booked the tickets just under a week in advance so that we could get the benefit slightly later, but also got the benefit of having cheap tickets. I think in total it was only about £8 with rail card, and £13 without student rail cards for our return tickets from London Victoria to Brighton Station. I think that was rather cheap considering that Bournemouth was £25 (if you don’t include cashback offers).

9:30am, McDonald’s breakfast at Victoria…translating to our morning cup of tea and coffee before our day out!

We had been to Brighton a few times with our friends and family, but it was nice just to be able to go to Brighton without having other stuff planned, and to just relax in the sun for a bit. Our train was (if I remember correctly), the 10:07 AM train out of London Victoria. It was quite a cute train ride…and it was reasonably quiet until an entire class of primary school kids rocked onto the train and started singing these really really really seriously amazingly ‘sticks in my head’ type of tunes…I can’t actually remember what the lyrics to their rhymes were but when we got off the train at Brighton, the songs were stuck in my head. Funny moments in life I guess! Definitely made our trip much more joyful!

We decided to follow the crowd and head down to the beach before it got busy. It wasn’t ridiculously busy, but it was nearer to lunch time so we thought that it’d probably be best if we soaked up a bit of the sun before heading down into the centre to do some window shopping/trying to decide what to have for lunch.



Huge thank you to Hick’s for the lovely hand gesture! 😉

So, the moment you have ALL been waiting for (hopefully…) – how to (unhealthily) spend money in Brighton… You go to the beach when you’re little because you want to build sandcastles. Well, the part of Brighton that we went to, had no sand. Yet they did sell an awful lot of buckets and spades! HAHA. Moving on, when you go with your parent’s when you’re older, you’re like ewwwww I don’t want to get all messy. Then when you go with your friends when you’re at uni, you’re like OOOOH ARCADES LETS…spend our money. YUP. I spent a good £7/8 in that arcade on the pier. Do I regret it? Not so much, but it did cut into my spendings for the day. I had an awesome time and we managed to get enough tickets to win an Angry Birds Blanket – which, to me, is enough and I’m over the moon with it hehehe! But wow, that arcade is addictive as ever! How to prepare to spend so much money:

    • Get your 2p’s and 10p’s all saved up. Whenever I used to go to the supermarket, I always used to use the self-service machines so that I could get rid of all of my loose change. The checkout people would not give me the time of day if I unloaded all my loose change to them during a busy time, but the self-service machines definitely would let me do that!
    • Nowadays, whenever I see the 2p’s, I seem to be saving them up for next time (oh dear…x100)
    • Gang up with a few friends and combine your tickets. If you’re going in a group, unless you play expensive games, or you’re just incredibly lucky when it comes to the arcade games, you’re never going to be able to get enough tickets to get anything more than a packet of Haribo, so well, combine your efforts and treat someone to a huge teddy bear/if you’re good enough that is!

Ahh, the awkward selfie moments…sorry people. I ACTUALLY WISH I HAD BROUGHT MY SELFIE STICK ON THIS TRIP. Definitely taking my selfie stick out the next time I’m going to the beach!


Hicks’ delicious dinner dish! 

We didn’t head back to the station until a few hours after dinner because our train wasn’t due till quite late (cheap student ticket problems)! But it was just nice to chill out and watch the boats and random people just swimming in the sea. I wish I could do this everyday back in London but the closest thing my house has to a beach is a Lido, which homes a lake which you probably don’t want to put your feet into…ever.


Lovely cool breeze on Brighton Beach in the late evening


£7.99 Itsu SUSHI!!

Again, we didn’t want to be late for our train back to London (…we all know how expensive those last minute train bookings are), so we arrived back at the station 40 minutes earlier to grab some snacks and tea/coffee before we headed back onto the train back to London Victoria. It may have been 8pm, but we needed coffee.

The Waiting Room, Brighton: We spent just over £4 in the coffee shop. I think that this was probably an expensive coffee/tea trip, but considering that there were a lot of spaces in their little coffee shop, it was probably for the best. It had been a long and hot day and we definitely needed somewhere to sit down. I absolutely loved their fluted coffee cups – a really good design to keep your drinks hot, without burning our hands. Not sure about how strong the coffee as as Hick’s ordered that, but I liked the English Breakfast tea enough to drink it even whilst it was quite hot (was quite thirsty)! I’m actually quite liking my photo showing the amazingly designed cup now – the Stylist magazine is in the background by the way in case you were all wondering!

All in all, the sun was shining, I had such a good fun time in the arcade, I got to eat chips, and almost got myself a solid sun tan. What more could I ask for?

Have a nice summer guys!


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