Natural Collection (BOOTS UK): Hibiscus Nail Polish

So before I left campus almost a month ago, I saw this awesome deal on that showed a glitch on the Boots website…hmmm…and so I clicked on it, and started spending my afternoon browsing around on their website looking for 76p make up from the Natural Collection range. As you guys have probably noticed, I don’t tend to go for luxury brands more than I go for high street brands, and you would probably also be aware of the fact that I go shopaholic crazy when I see a good bargain! So I saw that for 76p I could get such beautiful nail polish and eye concealer from Boots UK – and so I did. And I don’t regret it. Was worth every penny, and more!

I bought two colours of nail varnish from the range: one of the colours I bought was exactly the same colour as the one I had bought over four years ago but because I hadn’t used it in a while, and because I misplaced it somewhere when I was moving off to university, it ran out and I was devastated as it was my only baby pink coloured nail polish. The other nail polish I bought is the one I am blogging about today: ‘Hibiscus’, and is definitely the one I am most satisfied with, and I love it!

Natural Collection, Hibiscus Nail Polish

Natural Collection, Hibiscus Nail Polish: Sorry for the state of my nails!

Why do I love this nail polish from the Natural Collection range?

I love wearing hot pink nail polish colours. I really do (I’ve actually been wearing it since the day I picked my order up from the store: Free delivery to store/student life!), and the nail varnish colour ‘Hibiscus’ from the Natural Collection Make Up ranges is just the perfect colour! However, I’ve found that the texture and finish on this nail polish was different from the others I’ve used – it is way better and smoother. I’ve used quite a range of brands the last couple of years, and I could easily compare the Natural Collection range to that of the Essie and Opi nail polish collections!

The colour ‘Hibiscus’ is vibrant, and it stays on your nails for a good couple of days before it starts to think of chipping.

Any tips about the Natural Collection ‘Hibiscus’ Nail Polish?

The consistency is brilliant. It doesn’t clump up really quickly; instead, it dries quickly before becoming smooth again. This easily allows for you to repaint another layer over it so that the polish stays on longer, and also gives you a more vibrant finish to your nails.

I also now finish my nails with the No7 Stay Perfect Nail Top Coat. This is definitely helpful for when you think you’re going to be going places or doing activities which would make your nails more susceptible to chipping (like washing the dishes/swimming/beaches)!

IMG_7413 IMG_7415


I love this nail polish. It is definitely good quality nail polish, and it is cheap. The usual retail price/without vouchers etc., is £1.99 a bottle. Therefore, this nail colour is definitely worth it – I LOVE the colour!


8/10: I love this nail polish; it isn’t expensive, but it is of high quality with its amazing texture…and what’s more – I can tell that this will definitely be in my Summer Nail Polish favourites this year!

Have a nice summer guys!


PS: (I haven’t taken my before/after photos when using the Natural Collection Eye Concealer I also ordered for 76p yet so I’ll add these onto the post before next week!)

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