NEW FAVOURITE: Kiko Cosmetics: Definition Eyeliner

I have to admit, when I walked into Westfield London yesterday afternoon, I never expected to actually spend any money on stuff that wasn’t going to be edible. Why? Because if I do embark on my semester abroad this coming September, SFE will definitely not be able to cover most of my spending’s including my rent from my second year house, my study abroad accommodation, flights, and well, living essentials such as food and bills. Although I’ve saved up quite a bit in order to start this adventure, part of me feels that if I don’t actually spend too much, I’ll be able to have like an extra burger for my dinner when I want to. Nonetheless, unless I use my savings, Bank Mum and Dad will definitely be seeing me very often during the next academic year. Check out to find out more about my ‘vision’ board!

As I was meeting a few of my friends up for a chat in White City, we decided to walk around the stores and see what sales there were. First-year results had come out only a few days ago, and I was happy to say that I achieved the grades I wanted, as well as achieving the marks that I needed to embark on my semester abroad – so it only made sense that I treat myself to something nice from my little shopping spree…right?

Nonetheless, although I didn’t spend much, I did buy a few items. One of the stores I would willingly go into as a student is Kiko Cosmetics. To me, this is the high quality, and affordable alternative to stores like Bobbi Brown and Mac. I had run out of eyeliner (had been using my favourite Eyeko Eyeliner since last summer) and I had read loads about how amazing the Bobbi Brown ‘Long Wear Gel Eyeliner’ was, but at £18.50 per pot of eyeliner, I wasn’t too sure if I was willing to purchase this on a whim – I needed to put more thought into researching whether or not it would be a good idea to spend so much…maybe I’ll treat myself to it for Christmas?

Kiko Cosmetics Milano always have a lot of sales going on whenever it is the Summer break, and this time I visited, there was a 50% off sale. I’ve always been a loyal and huge fan of the brand, and seeing the red sale signs just made me so happy! One thing I love about the brand is that they are affordable, as I’ve mentioned before. You don’t get this often when it comes to high quality make up brands – and it is something that a lot of people don’t seem to remember when they go shopping. Why pay more when you can get the same high precision quality product at Kiko?

Moving on to the actual products I purchased…

Definition Eyeliner:

SALE PRICE: £3.40, RRP: £6.90 (slightly more than 50% off)


Such a cute and chic eyeliner!


Small and handy to fit in my bag!


So pointy and full of ink!


When you press heavily and when you press down lighter

One thing I love about eyeliner is that it requires such skill and technique when you apply it onto your eyes. I’ve never been that good at doing eyeliner, but it’s just one of those things that I like having on my eyes so I always ask other people to do it for me as I guess you could say, I’m one of those people who just dislikes having to take eye make-up off just so that I could perfect it!

It is the most perfect liquid eyeliner as it has a really fine brush. I always find that when the brush is just really odd and fat, you can never really manage to get the precision that you actually want on your eyes. This one is different though. After testing it on my arm a good few times using the testers in store, I definitely felt that this eyeliner was built to be more definitive and bold. I like it. A lot.

The bottle has a type of plastic catch to make sure that the eyeliner on the brush hasn’t clumped up, and I think this is one of the things that I’m truly grateful of. I hate when it clumps. As this one doesn’t clump (amazingly enough), it means that you don’t waste any of the products trying to get the lumpy bits out! It’s fabulous!

For £3.40, this was definitely one of the best purchases I’ve made ALL year round.

The Definition Eyeliner also has the Definition Waterproof Eyeliner version as well – I would have gotten this, but it never actually occurred to me to get that in the spur of the moment – definitely will get the Waterproof one next time though!


I also purchased a few more items from Kiko so give me a few days and hours and you’ll see a brand new post on them too! Subscribe using the buttons on the right to keep updated!



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