HAIRCARE FAVOURITES (empties): Cowshed Lazy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner, Toni and Guy Nourish Conditioner

Today I’ll be reintroducing you guys to two of my favourite hair care products. I’ve posted about them before, and you can check out the posts here:

Cowshed Lazy Cow Shampoo and Conditioner:

Toni and Guy Nourish Conditioner:

After leaving loads of my more expensive shampoo and haircare products at home (didn’t fit into my suitcase when I was packing for university), the summer break has meant that I have finally been able to reunite with my favourite haircare products. These two haircare products are my ultimate favourites. Why? Because they smell awesome, and they work for my hair. So if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I have quite long straight hair. This has somehow meant that I have had to find different shampoos and conditioners to use every other month because my hair likes to adapt to the shampoo/conditioner and it gets so used to it that the shampoo no longer works (odd, but has anyone else noticed that too?). By this, I mean that I have to alternate between my shampoos so that I use a different shampoo every other week – somehow this actually works for my hair, and it gets smoother and stronger each time I carry this process out.

COWSHED: LAZY COW, 2-in-1 ultra-rich shampoo & conditioner, 300ml, RRP £16.00


Moving on…the Cowshed shampoo & conditioner is the item I’ve owned for just under a year now (give or take a few days): I use a pea sized drop of this shampoo every other time that I wash my hair. I only use the Cowshed shampoo & conditioner every other time I wash my hair due to the fact that it already has conditioner built into it, and I’ve always felt that over conditioning my hair probably wouldn’t do me any good in the long run. If you count how many days and weeks that I’ve been using the Cowshed shampoo & conditioner, I think you’ll find that I have been using it for about three entire months.

For £16.00/300 ml, this bottle of shampoo and conditioner is actually really expensive (especially for a student like me), but I’ve found that it has actually managed to work wonders in my hair. If you use the shampoo & conditioner occasionally – for example, twice a month, you’ll definitely notice what a huge difference it makes in your hair. Definitely worth the try if you have some extra cash/have a birthday coming up. I’ve now finished the bottle, but will probably wait until Christmas to repurchase it as…well, student finance!

Remember to check out my blog post on the Cowshed Shampoo in the links above!

TONI AND GUY, Nourish Conditioner for Normal Hair, 250 ml, RRP £6.49


So another empty product…but one that I’ve loved. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Toni and Guy Salon Haircare Range, and this product is ultimately no exception. Although you shouldn’t use conditioner THAT often in your hair, I’ve found that just using two pea sizes of conditioner every other week for an entire year has actually worked quite nicely for my hair. I took this bottle of conditioner to university, and other than the Cowshed Shampoo & Conditioner that I used, this is the only single conditioner that I had brought along with me to uni.

The smell is amazing, and the texture of the conditioner is really light – it really just feels like I’m putting cream onto my hair because it really does go so very light and smooth! I would probably recommend that you blow dry your hair if you have long hair as sometimes it is quite difficult to tell if you’ve managed to get all the conditioner out of your hair after rinsing it in the shower, but using the hair dryer will also allow you to just feel how smooth it is right after you wash your hair!

For £6.49 for a 250 ml bottle, it is definitely a bit more expensive, but you can get them on special offer (Boots currently have a 2 Toni and Guy Haircare Products for £9 offer going 12/07/2015) and this definitely makes it even more worth it.

You guys wanted to know more about my favourite haircare products, and so I’ve now told you! Let me know what other blog posts you’d love to read about! Tweet me @enngigi, or email me at or just comment on this blog post!

Have a nice summer guys!



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