10 Ways Laundrapp Could Save Your Life

So as we come to the end of my first year at university, having just-about survived living alone for the first time in my life, let’s reflect on one of the weirdest things I’ve noticed about the habits of other students living in my halls.

It probably makes sense to you all, and nowadays, it’s apparently quite a popular opinion… Well, it seems that lot of young people out there still hate doing their own washing! In many ways, I can understand why… especially when you see what other students shove into the communal washing machines on campus!

But now, fear no more, as even more doors into the laundry world have been opened, others have ventured on, and we now have an alternative to our life motto of let’s let the “parents-do-everything-for-us” – something we’re all perhaps a bit too familiar with. Let’s instead leave the laundry to the professionals at http://laundrapp.com!

So let us begin…

1. Firstly, you may have spent an entire year at university, but instead of using washing tablets and the launderette, you bought new clothes…

For £15/8kg of clothes (July 2015), prove to your parents that the £9k you’re paying to go to university has really managed to change you for the better! If you’re living off campus next year, and within Laundrapp’s collection and delivery radius, and you think your time should definitely be spent just revising and what-not, definitely consider this app. You won’t need to sit around waiting hours for the dryers to finish – and you might even be able to get your parents to chip in too!


Anyone else get really confused with the switches on the washing machine? What if you have a mixture of different fabrics? CONFUSED!



Hear these ‘family favourite’ lines often? Well, lets say it’s already 8 AM, and you’ve just gotten everyone else in the household ready for their day, but then you realise that your washing still has a few minutes left on the clock, but you need to leave the house ASAP to drop everyone else off to the station, to school, or if you need to go to school yourself. Using their specially designed app could make your life easier (…so much easier, trust me!). You can just book your laundry collection the day before, and they’ll come to collect them at the time of your choice – it seriously could not be simpler!


3. You spend hours and hours ironing your shirt but when you leave the house the next day, you look in the mirror and you see that one lonesome crinkle you failed to get out the day before.

Admit it. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s our own shirts or even our dad’s work shirts, we’ve all fallen victim to hard-to-iron shirts. Unfortunately, we usually don’t see the crease until we leave the house – and by that time, it’s too late.


4. You can order your washing and dry cleaning 7 days a week – so even if you’ve only JUST remembered that whilst you were day-dreaming, someone in your family told you to do the washing for them…

Oh, I am definitely not kidding. 7 days a week. It’s like the local click and collect service… for laundry!


5. Provided it’s within their expanding collection and delivery radius, you can also get your laundry and dry cleaning (suits, dresses…and so on) delivered to your place of work/somewhere else that you’re meant to go to.

This avoids so much trouble such as: if you drive a motorbike, how on earth do you wear, or pack, a suit without getting it creased. Or, if you’re pushing your kids in a pram and it isn’t high enough to hang your dress or jackets on…


6. Or if you needed to drop off dry cleaning… and forgot all about it… £1.50 will save you from your family’s wrath!


Only happy because I realised I had only been back for three days and spent most of it asleep so… not much washing for me… until next week! So apparently when the collection guy comes, you can just hand him a carrier bag full of dirty clothes! EVERY. PERSON’S. DREAM.


7. Well, it definitely saves a ton of water every time you need to wash something…

…and saves you from the cost of a buying a washing machine and a dryer! Plus, your electricity bills will go down down down!


8. Sunday? No loose change?

Pay with your card – anytime, any place! This also eliminates the time you waste having to wait for other families to do their washing at the launderette – aka you won’t need to wait alongside them searching through their pockets for those two-pound coins!


9. Always found that whenever you wash clothes you always forget to look at the care labels?

Well, Laundrapp offers you the amazing option to include all these special care details within your order. What does that mean? It means that you’re going to be more likely to look at those mean little labels, thus giving you the opportunity to save your clothes from ruining in the wash!


What do people even do with red things? HA. One year as a Fresher and I still have no clue.


10. And last but not least: Got a huge ketchup stain on the tie you borrowed? No idea how to get it out? Don’t worry, they’ve got you [covered].

At just £4/tie, they’ll sort you out! It’s like having a fairy godmother!

What more can I say? Having Laundrapp do your dry cleaning and wash your clothes could possibly make life so much easier – and you won’t even need to hang it up when you get them back (as they’ll do it for you with their branded hangers).




PS: I’m definitely looking forward for Laundrapp to increase their pick up territories so that when I head back to campus next semester, I’ll actually be able to get all my outfits dry cleaned for me!

•*• DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post. All views are based on my own experience of the hardship that arises when washing clothes and have not been influenced in any way by any outside parties •*•


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