7 Excuses Everyone Makes When Working At Home

1. The room is too quiet

Ever noticed that whenever you go to work at home you always get distracted by…well, everything? You just stare at the blank wall, and try to convince yourself that you’re actually going to be doing some work whilst staring at that famous and boring wall.


Sometimes hiding in the library is the best option.

2. There isn’t enough room for my blanket on my desk chair

Admit it. We’ve all tried it. The chair gets too heavy…then you can’t spin around.

3. My bed is more comfy than my desk chair

I actually noticed this much more when I was living in Halls. The depth of the desk was really…not deep. I could literally only put one open folder on one part of the desk when I was in Halls, and it just really annoyed me because it meant I either had to work over my folder, or I had to remove the papers out of the folder. Dilemma much? Home is much better though as the depth of my desk is like 70cm – which is almost definitely easier to work with.

Bed is much more comfy. We like bed.

4. My desk is too far from the kitchen

When I work or study, I need food. However, the kitchen is two flights of stairs away from all my delicious food.


When you need a cup of tea but the kitchen is too far.

5. Whenever I start working, I get sleepy.

Anyone else with me on this one? There better be a Masters course in ‘Procrastination’ by the time I finish my degree. However, all things considered, I pretty much deserve an honorary doctorate as well in this. Revising on the floor is sometimes usually easier as it means I can take usual naps every now and then. But I have noticed that without taking short naps, you’ll be left trying to revise. You’d be wasting your precious revision time trying to pretend that you’re not sleepy.

6. My desk is full of too many things that I get in the post

Just a little bit of mess on my desk (from my blog posts in September 2014)

Just a little bit of mess on my desk [from my blog posts in September 2014]

7. Nothing encourages you to work other than an elephant load of other people in the same office as you working their butts off

Have you ever noticed that when you’re at college or at uni, when other people are doing work, you will tend to try and make yourself work too? That people will ignore you when they’re working simply because they want to get work done? I think this usually encourages me to work a lot. When I’m working in a bigger environment, say a coffee shop, where other people are also sipping on their coffees and typing away of their keyboard (hopefully not just replying to comments on social media sites etc.), I tend to try to force myself to also work, otherwise I’d feel like I was the one distracting them from their life.

Anyone else have this problem?



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