Summer 2015: Cardiff Bliss at Chozen Noodles – Day 1

After setting off to Cardiff at 9:30 AM in the morning, by the time we had reached the service station on the other side of the Welsh toll, I was that kid in the car screaming ‘ARE WE THERE YET? I’m starving!’

We pulled into the nearest service station, and what was waiting for us fascinated me so much. I had never visited a Chozen Noodle food shop before, and I had never come across being able to eat noodles in a service station either! Although I was terribly tempted to order a share-box of Chicken Nuggets from the McD’s next door and eat it all by myself, I was oddly drawn to the noodle place.


it may have cost slightly more than my McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets dream, but it was definitely worth it. It tasted delicious, and I could definitely see why people in suits were also willing to queue longer to get a bite of it! Definitely made the start of my Cardiff weekend trip amazing!

After checking into the Travelodge Atlantic Wharf, I logged into the hotel’s sadly limited wifi for about 1 minute before I fell asleep for a few hours. Parent’s then woke me up an hour or so later so that we could explore the amazing Cardiff Bay.

After a quick takeout from Top Gun (Mermaid Quay), we continued on a 3 hour exploration of the Bay, walking a good couple of miles – yeah, uhm, we hadn’t actually intended to go on such a long trek, but after going halfway round, we realised that we might as well just continue it since there wasn’t much point in walking backwards! We walked most of the waterfront of our side, witnessed the Cardiff Bay barrage opening to let boats into the bay, took selfies outside the Doctor Who Experience studios, and visited all the little villages nearby!

Definitely would have loved to pay a visit to the Coffi Co shop (will definitely go back, I loved the vibe we got from outside!)

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! Will be posting about the rest of my trip later on this week! Subscribe to my blog using the buttons on the right hand side to keep updated! —>


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