The Food: I definitely think that Tinsel Town’s Beef Burger’s food game is wonderfully strong. Check out my Instagram – you’ll see how amazing the food looked! I loved the burger I ordered. Each burger comes with a free side, and free dipping sauce. I chose a side of fries, and the OMG! Oh My Garlic Mayo sauce. I have to say, I paid about £5/6 more for this burger than I would have from fast food chains, but given how nice the burger was, I actually think it may have been worth it. Out of the five of us, I was the only person to order food (quite odd right?) – everyone else either ordered a milkshake, or a sundae (they actually looked pretty awesomely tasty)!

The sundae did start melting as soon as the server put it onto the table but I really could say if that was due to the hot weather or just that the staff seemed really busy yesterday – ah wells, looked awesome to eat anyway!

The Atmosphere: Tinsel Town has a really calming and sort of American-styled atmosphere. It’s quite nice and reminds me a bit of Ed’s Diner, which I love. The restaurant was quite clean, and the speed of service was reasonable and the staff seemed polite when they took our orders but they didn’t really look too happy. We chose the Watford Tinsel Town this time as that’s where my friends and I went to school, so it was just nice to reunite with everyone where we all met! However, I definitely enjoyed my Tinsel Town experience at the Ealing Branch more though, everyone seemed slightly happier with the service in Ealing too.

On a childish note, other people got lollies when they paid the bill on my visits to other branches and a few people got lollies here too (we didn’t, sad times)!

The Price: So I paid £7.29 Burger Meal, and £2.39 for my MOJO Juice.

  • Side note: I didn’t notice it at the time, but when I looked at the lunch menu that they showed us in the restaurant, the burger was ~£5 for a single burger meal. Since I’m currently doing a £100/two-weeks-challenge, upon returning home, I then went online to find the prices as shown on the receipt o.O (evil times).

Would I visit it again? Possibly (since it was a tad expensive for a burger), but maybe for milkshakes instead because they looked rather tasty.

Rating: 7/10


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