You’re probably thinking: TWO food reviews in a week?! WHAT IS HAPPENING?

On Wednesday, Hicks and I visited Westfield London to see the new Ant-Man (we only paid £2 for the tickets each too!). We got there at about 10.30 AM, and wondered around the shops until 11 AM before we decided to go to Five Guys for an early lunch, before the movie. I say ‘we decided to go’, but honestly we had pretty much planned the day right to the minute the night before. I had heard so much about Five Guys, and Hicks had been to another branch before so I was pretty excited to go there myself for the first time.

Hot dog time! #fiveguys #WestfieldLondon #Food #summer2015

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The Food:

We both ordered a hot-dog, but with different fillings. Being the boring sod I am, I went with the ketchup whereas Hicks went with onions and other stuff. Now, I don’t usually praise a lot of places that I go to, but this was definitely a worthwhile experience. You know when you take your first bite of something, and you can just taste it and you’re in heaven for like that brief moment? I absolutely loved their hot-dogs. You can get free onions, and sauces inside of your hot-dogs, and well, it was delicious. I think it most definitely beats even the BBQ hot-dogs out there! Just typing about their food is just making me want to hop back onto the train to Westfield and get another round of food!

We also got regular fries to share – they tasted delicious. It was really addictive though. Even though we were quite full from the hot-dogs, there was some sort of spark between us and the chips that made us just carry on eating the chips!

You can also get unlimited free refills on your drink. Bottomless drinks for £2.50. BLISS. But the machine there – whah. It had so many damn choices to choose from! You could get cherry coca-cola, vanilla coca-cola, fanta, juices, lalalala…it was just amazing.

The Atmosphere:

I was actually really impressed with the deco and the vibe of Five Guys. I knew it was going for the American style food chain look, but this was just beautiful.

I want to go back to #FiveGuys already! #besthotdogs #blogger #enngigi #Food #Londoner

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The staff there were a delight! They just seemed so happy and you could tell that they loved working there – and it isn’t difficult to see why! The seats and tables were really clean, and there were plenty of spaces you could sit – whether it was in the store, or just outside of it in the shopping centre. The staff there were really quick on taking our orders and you could see all your food getting prepared and cooked! After a few minutes (which we spent trying to decide what to put in our drinks), our food was all packed and ready for us to eat! PERFECT!

The Price:

£4.00 for Regular Fries, £4.25/hot-dog, £2.50 bottomless drink.

Our bill came up to £15 since we shared the drink (the advantage of bottomless drinks), which technically makes out to £7.50/person which is an amazing price for the high quality food that we got. This meal was definitely one of my favourite meals eating out and I’ll definitely be going back to Five Guys pretty soon to get some more food!


I’m definitely going to have to give it a 10/10. I loved it.




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