Cute favourites: Kiko Cosmetics: Nail Care 3 in 1 SHINE; Technic Nail Polish REVIEWS!

Kiko Cosmetics: Nail Care 3 in 1 SHINE: Fortifying, Fast Dry, Base Coats, Top Coats (11ml)

RRP £4.90, Sale price: £3.50


So nowadays whenever I discover a new range of nail polishes that I love, it always seems to be from Kiko, Make Up Milano. And I also think it is really obvious why I always fall in love with their brand’s products.


You can almost tell that it’ll be an awesome product when it’s sold in a box packaging. It makes the bottle look so classy and expensive – all fabulous aesthetic factors. At first I wasn’t too sure if I really needed to buy any more nail care since I usually go to Boots and buy from their No 7 range, but Kiko’s summer store discount really pulled me in (like it always does).


Since I had already been wearing my Natural Collection ( nail polish for a family event, I decided to repaint using the Technic Nail polish, and my new Kiko Nail Care 3 in 1 shine in order to see how long it would actually last – and to basically see whether or not it was worth the buy. As you can probably tell, I was not disappointed.

Technic Nail Polish

I got this as a sample from a beauty box subscription a while back so I can’t tell you the size of the nail polish, or the colour of it (oddly enough, the bottle doesn’t state it at all). I’ve researched a bit and found that it’s usually sold at around £2.99 on Amazon, and is also available from a range of other online stores.


I was in a bit of a rush, but it’s close enough right? I had to apply about four layers onto each nail in order to make the nail polish appear much more vibrant on my nails. I think it’s definitely one of those colours that really suits a bit more olive-coloured skin tones – which is quite perfect for me since I always get tanned just on my hands and arms.

The colour inside of the bottle makes you wonder whether or not it would turn out nice – but when you apply it onto your nails, it looks so damn pretty! I absolutely love this colour – and it’ll probably be one of the colours that I’ll take on holiday with me since it’s such a smaller bottle compared to some of the Gel Effect Nail Polishes I have!

For £2.99/full size bottle, I’ll definitely be investing into some of Technic’s nail polish ranges once student finance comes in!

As I’ve mentioned above, I tried the Kiko Cosmetics Nail Care 3 in 1 Shine on top of the Technic Nail Polish – and wow. The nail polish has stayed on for over two weeks – and I’m definitely impressed with this. Since my nails didn’t chip after one week, I was like ‘yeah…it’ll probably chip any day now’…and two weeks later? The nail polishes have only started peeling away from the bottom of the nail – and not a sign of chippage (HA!) at the top of the nail! For £3.50, this was definitely the best investment I’ve made for my little nail collection at home!



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