I want THAT silicone turner!

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. Elbert Hubbard

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I’m the type of person who will plan something in advance, and then keep checking every day until then to make sure that everything will plan along smoothly. Yes of course, changes in my schedule get me rattled but this only really happens when there’s lack of communication between two parties (my worst nightmare).
Well, what’s going on in my life right now?


1. Victoria, B.C.

With the very high possibility of me packing up my life and moving to Canada in just over a month, my brain is causing even my sleeping patterns to crash! I’ve been waking up at all sorts of time, just remembering random things I’ll need to pack, or e-mails I need to send. Someone just come sing me ‘soft kitty’ (from the Big Bang Theory).


2. Please can I get your approval?

Although I sent in my prerequisite forms over a month ago, some of the departments at my exchange university haven’t gotten back to me on whether or not they’ve been approved. This worries me. I really don’t want to fly all the way to Canada only to fly home because they decide they don’t want to approve my courses. This would definitely be the worst case scenario. Oh, my £1000 plane ticket RIP.


3. Communi…wait what…oh yeah, cation.

One thing that I’ve learnt from working with the world of ‘work’ is that you have to read your e-mails really carefully. I know that a lot of people get volumes and volumes of e-mails a day, and they just flick through them and reply generic replies to the sender because they think it’s just some same old e-mail that they get every day. Sometimes this isn’t the case, and it’s annoyed me for a while now. Having been e-mailing a LOT of people everyday, I’ve noticed that a lot of the time, people don’t read – and when they reply, it’s not even read-worthy. That’s all I’m going to say.


4. I want that bent silicon turner for my kitchen!

Given that I’ll be heading back up to Keele to work the Open Day on the 16th, I’ve decided I want to actually decorate my room this time. For the past two years, I’ve been living in a double bedroom, otherwise known as my family home’s converted loft, and so all my stuff was just spread all over the floor, into the ensuite bathroom floor, and then piled on top of each other. Last year, I packed a hella lot of stuff for my room in halls, but I never really bothered to unpack because there wasn’t much room in the first place despite getting the premier ensuite, and everything was just crammed into the underneath bed storage (the lifesaver).
On Tuesday, I logged back into my @pinterest (follow me @enngigi) and got sidetracked with all these amazing college dorm pins. I really want to be able to do that type of feature on my blog one day, and I thought, well, why not start preparing now?
Since Hicks will be heading back with me, it means I’ll be more…tempted to buy more stuff so hopefully I might even do a homeware haul whaaaaaaaa(!) on enngigi.wordpress.com as we all know that when I shop, I either go big, or go home.


5. Meet I, the weakling.

Having only recently discovered that I can only just about lift the XS bowling ball, taking my first steps into Canada, holding my passport, bag, lists, a cabin sized suitcase, and a medium sized suitcase may actually pose a problem for a weakling like myself.
Yes, I can carry home £20 worth of groceries and walk a mile; I can walk from the new house back to campus; but venturing into an unknown territory with bags of my belongings will definitely throw me off my balance.
You may be thinking ‘well, then prepare silly…‘ – and the truth? I am. I’ve been preparing for this moment for a while now, but some how I still don’t feel 100% confident about what I’ll be getting myself into. And considering that I own about 12 suitcases-worth of clothes, I’ll definitely be in for a treat when I start packing for UVic.


6. Is this what it’s like to live at home?

Having been living back at home for just exactly two months now, it now actually feels as if I never left London in the first place! In retrospect:
    • I still get told off for not soaking my cutlery (though I never seemed to have this problem when living in halls).
    • I ALWAYS get told to do the dishes – and yes, even if I wasn’t present for the meal…
    • I’m still quite amused at the fact that there are three people in our household, yet when we cook, we use about 9 bowls and plates, and about three pans. Wait, HOLD IT – ahem yes, I am responsible for washing all this up too.
    • I’m still responsible for doing my own laundry. Yes, I am back at home. Yes, my parents do wash their clothes weekly. However, upon returning home, I’ve found that I actually have enough clothes to go without doing the laundry for a month. Yes, I did just try this out. A month. I probably have enough to go two months – but hey, who’s counting?
    • But hey, I don’t pay rent (…not hinting that I want to pay rent either), and I still get served mouthwateringly tasty Sunday breakfasts!


7. Travelling to Canada

What’s more difficult than going on holiday to Canada? Since my parents will not be flying into Canada with me when I embark on my semester abroad, I have the delightful job of finding a place to live all by myself – with the possibility of having to live in a hostel/bnb for the duration of my exchange programme. Since we (exchange students) were told the wrong deadlines for on-campus housing applications, I’ve now been placed close to the bottom of the waitlist. I don’t know what is scarier – not having a place to live, or the idea that my courses might not be approved.



I think the only thing keeping me sane is the fact that I still have £23.42 left from my ‘£100/3 week spending’ challenge that I set myself! WHAHEYYYYY.
Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been organising brunches, working, blogging, tweeting a lot, eating out, watching movies (OMG the new Ant-man is amazing & so is Trainwreck), starting new TV-series, and generally just embracing my homeware addiction side of life.
 IMG_9858 IMG_9854
Yes. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I visited another branch of Banana Tree which is much closer to home than I thought it was (a quid in oyster card money away) – and yup, since it’s my favourite restaurant, I WILL be blogging about it on enngigi.wordpress.com later this week! Subscribe using the buttons on the right to keep updated! WEEEEE!


9. To think that all my decisions will have been made in less than a month to this day is terrifying me.

Will the right decisions be made? DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN. And yes, I may have had a few too many fruit pastilles today.

*Originally posted on theperfectdilemma.wordpress.com*

As part of my move to merge and decompartmentalize my blogs and websites, this post above has been re-published onto enngigi.wordpress.com. This blog post was originally published on the 10th August 2015.


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