Day 0: When Your Plan Becomes A Reality/Mountains of Tears and Tiredness

Many of you have probably been wondering where I have been for the past month or so. Well, the truth is, I haven’t had time to blog because of the fact that I’ve moved from London, to Keele, and finally, to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


Yup! It was a long time coming, but a week before my scheduled departure, I eventually decided that going abroad would definitely be one of the best options for my career after I graduate. It’s a hit or miss really: if you do well during your semester abroad, it benefits your résumé tremendously; on the other hand, if you have too much fun and get side tracked (like everyone as a Fresher), it’ll wreck your life. Because of the fact that my exchange university hadn’t offered me accomodation until literally the really last minute, and a day after I bought my plane tickets, my mom had bought her tickets to join me until the semester started, in hope that I could find off campus residence.

Planning my semester abroad at the University of Victoria was a process that had dragged on for months: with having to do risk assessments, the actual study abroad application with the university, then getting approval for each and every prerequisite required for each of my courses, then finding a place to live, learning how to do an international bank transfer, and finally, how this was all going to reflect on my academic transcript at the end of the year.

Mountains of Tears and Tiredness

There were mountains of tears and tiredness, but eventually everything was settled, planned out, and printed off. Like every other international student, I packed up one suitcase worth of stuff, chucked my laptop and folders into my carry on and before I knew it, I had checked onto my plane online, and was heading to the airport.

I have to admit, this semester has really pushed me to plan every detail because studying abroad is no holiday. By this, you can’t relax when you go through immigration because you have to remember to bring everything such as your admittance letter, study permit documentation, proof of funds, bank statements, proof that you’ll be returning home after the semester and so on…

I will be hoping to do a few blogs a week: but whether it’ll be daily I’m not too sure; we shall see!

Best Wishes,


PS: as promised, I will be doing a Study Abroad video with clips of my experience! Subscribe using the buttons on the right had side to be the first to be updated!

PPS: I will also be continuing to do blogging whilst in Canada; my PR contact details in the menu bar at the top are still the same so let me know if you’re a Canadian company and would love to work with me!


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