Day 1: The Vote

With an uncanny ability to make anyone smile with just a quick conversation and a few witty remarks, Natalie’s devilishly quick sense of humour and her desire to help everyone around her no matter what the problem, is why I think you should vote for her. Here, you have the recipe for the most caring and kind-hearted person you could hope to meet, someone who deserves success and happiness, for all the times they’ve helped others achieve the same.

Garion Hicks,

Studying abroad is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, and after planning my semester abroad for over a year, I really want to be able to make the most out of it, and not let anything hold me back. As you guys are most probably aware, I did quite a lot of work during the summer break (hence the lack of serious blogging). However, summer jobs and student finance don’t necessarily cover all the financial aspects of studying abroad. Over the next couple of weeks, whilst on my International Exchange Program, I will definitely be blogging about topics such as ‘How to Save Money on Your Semester Abroad’; ‘The Top 10 Dorm Essentials’, and many more…so hopefully you guys can also benefit from my experience in British Columbia this Fall!

UniPlaces are offering 10 scholarships to people who they think will benefit from getting a semester’s rent paid for. Given that hundreds of people apply each year, judges look at your application, and then if there is a tie, they base their answer on the number of votes each application receives. I probably won’t get it but you know, you’ll never know…it doesn’t hurt to try I guess!

So however many e-mail addresses you have, just enter your email onto the website, and then click onto the confirmation email you’ll receive in your inbox! Then comment below, or Tweet at me @enngigi and I might even set up a Giveaway when I get back to London in January!

Get voting!

Best wishes,


PS. Canadian Water tastes funny…thoughts on that?


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