The 5 Easy Ways to Control Your Hair

A few weeks ago, a few readers mentioned that my photos showed that my nails were really healthy looking despite always using nail polish, and they also mentioned that my hair always looked really straight and ‘strong’. Now, since I have a lot of spare time during the holidays, I thought that I’d blog about the quite flattering comments with my guide to…well, hair control.

Without trying to make this sound gross (which it totally isn’t), each morning, for the past couple of years, I’ve woken up to what felt like really oily hair – thus resulting in me trying to force myself to wake up an hour earlier each morning in order to wash my hair. A few weeks back, I decided to test why I felt I needed to have to go and wash my hair everyday – even though it looked fine.

I had always thought that the state of your hair really depends on what you had been up to the previous day, to make your hair, the morning after, feel gross. Well, turns out, it could actually be the fact that either you’re using the wrong type of shampoo and conditioner, or maybe you don’t even rinse the chemicals out properly.

  • Using the perfect shampoo and conditioner

The dilemma of choosing the best shampoo and conditioner for you. I’m that type of person who feels that you can actually overuse a shampoo. I alternate back and forth from about four shampoos every other month. I use a different bottle every two weeks. Why? I feel like sometimes your hair just gets too used to one shampoo, then the hair just doesn’t look that awesome anymore – this is why I change it. When my hair isn’t used to something, it seems to provide more volume in itself.

Up until I started university, I found I had always been really loyal with my shampoos: I alternated mainly between the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Shampoo (available from Boots UK), the Toni and Guy Normal Shampoo, and a few more bottles that I would use every now and then to blog about. If you’re like myself, you would find that you LOVE smelling shampoo and conditioners before you buy them. I think it’s one of the most important things you have to do when deciding which is the best brand and range for you. You have to be able to like the smell of the shampoo before you actually buy it, because once you buy it, it’s too late to decide at that point!

I’ve previously tried out a few drugstore ‘own brand’ shampoos and I’ve loved, and I’ve hated, a great handful of them. You have to know when a shampoo is good for you, and when it’s something you need to complain about. If a shampoo dries your hair out to the point where it is breaking and weakening your hair within the first couple of days of using it, stop. Don’t let it damage your hair, there is definitely a point of no turning back, and it might be really difficult to get back to living with healthy hair.

READ REVIEWS: The most IMPORTANT thing you NEED to do before you buy a £10 bottle of shampoo (for example), is to READ THE REVIEWS! People don’t usually review an item because they’re bored out of their minds. They do it because either it ruined their life (for which you don’t buy the product), or because it’s made their hair look damn good (where you will then proceed to run to the store and get your own)!


One amazing thing about the blogging community is that hundreds of bloggers out there would have probably already tried out the products – and you can benefit from them blogging about it to you! Just search up the brand and range into a search engine and watch the reviews appear! This way, you can find the perfect shampoo/conditioner for you, and it’ll save you so much money because you know that’s the perfect haircare product for YOU!

I’ll be trying out some more shampoos and conditioners later this semester (and yes, they will most definitely be US and Canadian brands!) – so stay tuned using the subscribe button on the right hand side!


  • Rinsing your hair out properly

We’ve all done it. We’ve all been really tired and got into the shower, and just wanted to head back to bed. Being half asleep, or just being forgetful, can damage your hair. Make sure you rinse your hair out really well before you get out of the shower. Leaving shampoo and conditioner in your hair damages it so much!

If you don’t have time to wait the three minutes with your conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner spray, or cream! That way, it’ll cut your hair drying time a bit more, and you won’t need to rinse it out! Just make sure you do one or the other because leaving shampoo/conditioner in your hair will make your hair so greasy and unattractive afterwards!


  • Using the right amount of shampoo

Use a pea size if you have medium length hair. If you guys watch me on snapchat, you’d have noticed that I chopped a good few inches off of my hair before I left for Canada. Now I have medium length hair. Yes, it is very sad for me, but I didn’t actually realise it would be THAT short until after I left the salon….uhhhhh…moving on. If you have really long hair (like under your chest), use two pea sizes, etc. It just makes your hair less greasy, and you don’t even need that much to lather your hair in.


  • Using heat on your hair

I know getting up in the early hours of the morning is just devastating. We’re all sitting here with our morning coffees thinking ‘what is life’. Well, if you wake up really early, have a shower and wash your hair first thing. It’ll give your hair more time to air dry before you style it. Heat damages hair.

You’re probably thinking ‘I bet she uses hair straighter and curlers and hair dryers’…well, DUHHHHH. I’m like everyone else! I have to use a hair dryer to dry my hair, I have to use curlers to curl it too – it’s just the way of life. But one thing almost everyone forgets is that haircare companies HAVE created these awesome serums and heat defence sprays to prevent our hair from tangling, from breaking, from being damaged from the heat! It’s amazing. It may be a tad bit more expensive, but in the long run, you’re winning.


  • Hair washing frequency

I guess there isn’t really a limit on how many times you SHOULD wash your hair. But then again, there isn’t a limit on how many times you NEED to wash your hair. Wash it when it looks gross and when you’re in need of looking awesomely clean for maybe a job interview. I’ve heard so many stories about people not washing their hair because the hair automatically cleans itself after a certain period of time – well, if you can do that, try it – but I never will because after three days, I need to wash my hair. Not because it looks gross, but because it makes me really uncomfortable!

If you wash your hair everyday, cut back on the amount of conditioner and shampoo you use each time – your hair will be reasonably clean anyway so you won’t need as much as if you washed your hair once a week!

Conclusion? Your hair is your hair. Experiment with it, and you might find that there’s a better way to look after it!


DISCLAIMER: Again, I am in no way an expert in the hair profession. None of the products mentioned in this post are sponsored either, and hopefully this blog post will help those who have experienced/are still experiencing the same hair troubles as I have.

Hope this blog post helped!


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