Product Review: Nivea Pure and Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes


I haven’t really done any cleansing blog posts on my blog aside from my count on some of my favourite Facial Scrubs and Washes about a week ago: But now, I might as well!

Due to the limited amount of stuff I could shove into my suitcase the day before my flight, I didn’t really think about how much stuff, such as cosmetics and face care, would actually cost in Canada, in comparison to the UK; so in the end, I brought one packet (x25 facial wipes) of Nivea’s Pure and Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes over to Canada. I think it is only now, when the price of these cleansing wipes are almost triple the price of the exact same product in the UK, do I really appreciate how cheap, but high quality, the UK’s facial wipes are.

I know to some of you, this blog post will be more of a ‘what on earth is she on about…it’s only face wipes’ type of post; however, I went to the drugstore just the other day, and it was almost $10 for a packet of face wipes (translating to approximately just over £5)!

What is it used for?

Well, to be honest, I know many people who use cleansing wipes just to wash their face at the end of the day. This probably isn’t the best idea as I know that sometimes cleansing wipes don’t actually manage to get everything off your face, and you’ll still need to do a nice water-throwing-wash over your face in order to make sure all your make up and the environment gets washed off of your face. However, if you’re in a rush in the morning, or you just want to reapply a bit of your make-up back onto your face before going back out again, using these inexpensive facial wipes are definitely life changing. If you’re a lazy person, these wipes are for you. They are strong, without being too hard on your skin. They can wash off make up, mascara, and foundation with just one stroke.


Well, I probably would have used this word to describe the Nivea wipes if I hadn’t bought another brand of face wipes to use once this packet was all gone. I’ll compare this face wipe to another brand (that I’ve found that is only available in the US/Canada at the moment) at a later date. The face wipes are wet without being too soggy, and it provides you with enough moisture to enable you to properly wash your face after a long day.

Is it worth it (well, to purchase it in the UK)?

Currently on offer at the price of £2.99: buy 1 get one free on Nivea Face Wipes at Superdrug; this makes it approximately £1.50/packet -10% with a NUS student discount card! I would definitely say that it is worth it. Recommend it? Yup.

I really love this range of facial wipes, but given that they’re so much more expensive in Canada than they are in the UK, I guess I’ll reunite with the brand once I return to the UK in January!

Best wishes,



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