Product Review: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails XTREME WEAR Nail Polish (430, Royal Hue)

So I haven’t blogged about nails in what seems like eternity…well, a good few months if I’m honest. My reason? Midterms. If you thought the UK’s university workload was heavy, you’d drop down hard when you come into the Canadian schooling system.
There has not been a day where I haven’t studied for less than six hours. Weekly lab reports for each course, grades quizzes every other lecture, midterms every two weeks and chapters and chapters of pre lecture reading  each day..well, the workload is terrifying me, and has been putting a damper on my study abroad experience because I’ve barely had the chance to travel around Canada and/or to the US for the weekend. Life is difficult right now. Nonetheless, the procrastination ensues. I’m currently sitting outside one of my lecture halls waiting for the start of my 8.30am lecture.

Slowly moving on from what has become the story of my life and moving on towards…the nail polish rampage! One of the (many) things I’ve learn in the two months I’ve been in Canada is that there are certain products, such as branded nail polishes and shampoo, that are amazingly cheap in Canada. However, there are actually a handful of items such as facial wipes are CRAZY expensive (like a packet of Nivea Face Wipes that are about £1.60 from the UK, work out to be around £5 in Shoppers Drugmart)! It makes me regret not stocking up before I left London!

Anyway, last week, as I was browsing around the aisles in Walmart, I discovered that they have a range of Sally Hansen nail polishes that are about just under $3 before tax; that works out to be around £1.50 per bottle of really cute nail polish…yup, it was inevitable…oh dear, I’m definitely going to be needing to buy myself another luggage allowance by the time I leave Canada!


I love this colour! It really reminds me of one of the Nails Inc Gel Effect nail polishes that I wore constantly over the summer break; it also really reminds me of one of the Kiko cosmetic nail polishes – I’ll add the links to my reviews on these favourite colours later this week! The colour looks like a mix between purple and blue! It’s amazing and I love it. The colour goes well with most items of clothing and isn’t too bright and isn’t too dark! Ahhhhh I’m in love with the colour; it’s the perfect combination of ideals.

Costing an equivalent of £1.50, as mentioned before, I was in awe (…but only bought one so I could try out the texture before I went mad and bought myself 10 more). I honestly thought that they had priced the nail polish wrong. But, they didn’t. It was really that cheap at Walmart!
In the UK, a good nail polish would cost you about £8 (…well, some Essie nail polishes), therefore finding something of this high quality, and it being the exact colour that I love, was an absolute value for money for me!

I’ve found that texture of the nail polish is quite thick, thereby meaning that one layer will do. I initially tried two layers but I found that it takes way too long to dry – and the nails would just get ruined because you can’t exactly tell when they’re try unless you poke at them…yeah…no, don’t do that.
One layer does the job!

Quick summary?
I love it. I’m going to get more before I head back to London!

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