Itami Sushi Japanese Restaurant Review – Victoria, BC

*A post you guys have been waiting months for!*

I have to admit, when researching places to visit in Victoria, the majority of the items that came up on Tripadvisor was actually food. Thus, it made sense to just eat as much as I can right?

Itami Sushi had been personally recommended to me by the friend that I was saying with for a week prior to the start of the Fall semester at UVic. [If you’re too lazy to read the rest: all I can say is…we visited more than three times, and we were NEVER disappointed.]

The Food:

When it comes to food, I don’t really have specific restaurants or takeout places that I ‘love’, but ultimately, this visit to Itami Sushi changed everything. The sushi was so fresh, and delicious – you could even see them preparing it from the booths we were sat at! The food was delivered really quickly, and I kind of want to eat salmon right now so I’m going to stop talking about it before I end up with a Sushi craving.

The noodles there were drop-dead delicious! With the addition to tempura, it made it even more delicious…can’t the store open a branch in London just for me? I’LL VISIT DAILY!


I have to say we spent about $45 per visit to Itami. It might have been expensive, but if I wasn’t going to eat well at that point of my study abroad semester, would my residence meal plan actually going to give me such delicious sushi? Nope. Therefore, I made the most out of it and had as much sushi as I possibly could. Worth every dollar.

To date, the prices of the Udon Noodles, Salmon, and Bento dishes are: $8.50, $9.00 (7 pieces), and $10.50 respectively. All these are actually quite reasonable prices (divide by about 2 if you want the £ equivalent).


We mainly visited for lunch, and once for dinner: the staff were very polite, but occasionally they were really busy. The restaurant itself looked quite new, and the booths really gave a sense of privacy. I didn’t get to take as many photos as I could (was kind of dark inside) but I wish I could have!

I guess one regret that I have is that I didn’t have time to visit Itami Sushi again before I left for Vancouver…I guess there’s always another time for that! Or maybe even Vancouver would have more variety? OOOOH…

If you’re heading over to Victoria this winter break, whether if you’re going to be alone, or with a huge group of people, Itami Sushi is definitely something looking into!

Love, Nat.

*Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored.*

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