Domo 94, Camden Road

As part of our adventures around London, we decided to eat out for both lunch and dinner.

I’ve never really been one to rely on online food reviews, as face to face recommendation is usually a more accurate representation. Nonetheless, everyone who I knew, who spends a lot of time in north London, didn’t really go to the sit down and dine restaurants that I was aiming for.

Therefore, I went to my next best option: trip advisor. It said that there were quite a few places around Camden Town station with three or four star ratings. But then I searched on and found a five star rated restoring: Domo94.

We walked further to Camden Road station and found the restaurant nicely tucked into a road of random shops.
It looked really home-like and warm inside, so we headed in.
We were immediately given one of the unreserved tables – a lot of the tables were reserved which made me think “woah, glad we came early and got a table!”
The waiter was really polite and served us really quickly, and was nice to be around – he repeatedly approached to ask if we were having a nice meal and if we needed anything else – he was, I guess, the ultimate waiter.

The food arrived surprisingly quickly, and smelt delicious.

We were offered some Parmesan cheese which was also a delightful extra. Made the dishes taste so nice! But all in all, the food was amazing: every bite was worth every penny. Good times. Good meal. Definitely going to visit again!

The bill total was literally a few pennies under £30, including two main dishes, two drinks, and 12.5% service charge.
I actually expected the meal to cost slightly more, but it was such a reasonable price – I think this restaurant is even cheaper than high street Italian chains such as Zizzi and Prezzo – but the service at Domo94 was spectacular and more warm-and-home-like.


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