Product Review: Formula X (+Sephora, Copenhagen)

I have ultimately found my favourite nail polish! Regretfully, I didn’t buy more (yes, I would probably have had ended up broke but look – student finance is here again!), but if I do end up heading back to N. America during the summer break with my parents, shopping excessively in Sephora is something on my “must-do” list.

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I went to Copenhagen, in Denmark, a few weeks after returning back to the UK from Canada. As expected, I spent quite a bit: mainly, on food, and well, Sephora.


I’m not entirely sure what specific colour name this awesome nail polish was – I’ll try and google it to find the exact shade again, but this colour was ultimately the one that caught my eye! The colour is so distinct so you definitely, cannot miss it. (Edit: it was in fact, Eureka)

It was ridiculously pricey to buy the polishes in Copenhagen, but I can see why people buy the Formula X nail colours. They have such a wide range of colours to choose from; they ultimately look like the Chanel Le Vernis nail polishes (in terms of the lid), and the brush is just so thin and on point. The texture of the polishes are gorgeous. Not too runny, and not too thick either. The absolute bliss of nail polishes.

Because of the fact I was focussing on exams in December, my final month on study abroad in Canada, I totally forgot to go to stores to try out their nail polishes, and thus, I never got to buy as many as I wanted.

These nail polishes were about $12.50 in Canada, which works out to be about £6-7. But I couldn’t resist when I went to Copenhagen and I saw that they had their own Sephora store too! At around 120-140 DKK, it was pricey, almost double the Canadian price, but I had to. I would have regretted it otherwise.

Quite obviously, I bought more than one of the Formula X nail polishes, (I’ll review the other one once I’ve passed the honeymoon period of this colour – which I hope, will be never because I love this shade so damn much!)

Thank you for your continuous support guys! I have so many more reviews coming up such as the Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner packs I got from the Canadian Sephora, and Treacle Moon App reviews! Be excited!



PS. I’ve been so much more active on Instagram so come check me out here!

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