Returning home after 4 months…

So it has almost been two whole months since I returned from studying abroad at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


If you’re wondering, ‘Why hasn’t she posted more things and photos about her time abroad?’ The truth is, I’m getting there! I take about 100 random photos (whether it be of the nice flower pot I love, me trying to film a tutorial on ‘How to wash your clothes properly…’, or even just me taking selfies), and having not gone through them for the past four months, my iPhone is dying. Slowly, I’m combing through every single photo, deciding which one I want to post onto Instagram, which to delete, and which to save. And with university, internships and just so much drama going in since I’ve returned home, yes, I have started procrastinating JUST A TINY LITTLE BIT…and everything has piled up.


Obviously, my university work is my main priority at the moment. Results have come in, and I’m definitely happy with my original UVic, and my Keele converted marks. I had an awesome time abroad, and I miss my roommate, my hall mates, and the fact that my food is prepared for me every single day! I miss my routine, I miss having 8.30am lectures, and finishing lab sessions at 10.30pm some nights. I miss having multiple choice midterms (who would have thought!) every other week! I miss having pop quizzes, and I miss the coffee and Starbucks. Oh, and the Tim Hortons.

You’ll hear me ramble on and on about how I miss how cheap the food is when I finally get round to editing my blog posts from study abroad. I might type a billion words an hour, but sometimes, even I can’t get everything done on time (if you’re hiring me and you’re reading this, I’m being cute for sure)!


Literally a month ago, I moved back into my student house. It is my absolute dream house to be honest with you. If I could be more bothered to decorate around the living room with cushions and rugs, I would, but student life = I’ll probably put it on my to do list for now.

The walls are all white and everything is Instagram perfect, everything is close to brand new (newly built house), only a 2 minute cab/40 minute walk from campus – believe it or not, it’s actually one of the closest houses to campus, but I guess hills get in the way of life.

About a year ago, I worked for a research company and I was given a FitBit as part of the study. After finishing the project, I had to return it. But have no fear – I saved up for an Amazon voucher, and I finally got myself another one. I fit into the dresses I bought 1, 2, 3, or even four years ago, but I really want to make it stay that way until the rest of my life. I can’t afford another wardrobe! Not in a million years (well…). Fitness has never really been something that I’ve loved doing. Swimming, skating, hockey, yoga, yes., but running? I used to run. But it’d be for the bus or something. Maybe it’s giving me another chance to stay fit…let’s hope!


HAHAHA YES. Believe it or not. I graduate next summer. skjdakldjskalj. It was literally only a few years ago when I was like ‘I think I’m going to apply to university…’. Well, it was only a while ago when I wrote my blog post ‘Why I chose Keele University ‘post which has now been really widely spread around my campus and made itself onto the KLE. HA! My dream. Anyhow, for my final year, despite how much I love my current living situation, I will be moving back onto campus. No, it won’t be the ensuite room I loved in my first year. For two thousand pounds less, I’ll be living in a shared flat with my course mates from Chemistry. Yes, I will definitely miss my current housemates, but I’m definitely not paying £7 cab fare to go to and from university to pick something up, or just to go in for an hour lecture everyday. No can do my friends! Studying abroad last summer cost me £10,000. And well, if I want to continue in the world of higher education, I need to keep myself rolling…


Nothing has changed in neuroscience. Of course, its definitely weird being back. But the world of chemistry has changed. Everyone has made their friendship groups now, and it’s pretty solid. Like jelly though. Luckily, I’m easygoing. I fit back right into the system and I’m loving my courses. I do miss the freedom of UVic, but Keele is, and was always my first option.

Doing labs is so much easier now without lab partners – and I loved working independently at UVic in my Org. Chem class, and it’s just fun being able to work with my old friends again! I do sit at home watching Netflix most of the time, but just being able to procrastinate a tiny while whilst I make a cup of tea is definitely something I’ve missed. I never had a kitchen at UVic. But I did have a mini fridge and kettle in my room. HA!

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with such a range of brands. From Treaclemoon, Maple Holistics, and many many many many many more! Just hang on tight and subscribe so I can keep you updated.

All the best,


Ps. Yes, I have taken up the nat-bat-cat name. I swore I would never let people call me Nat, but now even the cab driver calls me Nat so I guess it’s going to have to stick until it doesn’t.

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