NEW IDEAS! treaclemoon & their lovely app!

If you’ve been subscribed to my blog for the last couple of years, you’ll definitely be well aware of the fact that I absolutely LOVE awesomely fresh and sweet smelling shower gels, bath bombs, and hair shampoo!

What’s more? Well, Treaclemoon released a few more flavours of their awesomely smelling and luxurious bath and shower gels only a few months back – and I had the awesome chance to try out their new range!

To date, I’ve tried Treaclemoon’s Vanilla Moment Bath and Shower Gels (links to previous blog posts will be added momentarily), My Coconut Island Body Scrubs, and so many more…but this month, I’ve been trying out one of their newest additions: the honeycomb secret.

Make your own ideas into something you can be proud of!

Yes yes, it’s definitely no surprise that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. Again! Though the nearest Supermarkets are about two miles away from my university house, I’ll definitely be making the trek back up the hill in order to get some more before exam starts and I won’t have time to go shopping every week! The honeycomb secret shower gel is just so amazing. It’s basically a cross between heaven and the summer time honey smell. It’s bliss. Just go and try it for yourselves!


You can purchase Treaclemoon’s lovely range from Tesco and Waitrose for just £2.49, but I’d definitely recommend buying a few when every you see that the supermarket has shopped up – they go so quickly because they’re just so worth it.

Student life or not, opt for this

You get 500 mL of pure honey smelling shower gel that can last you about a month or two! Student life or not, opt for this.

What’s more is, if you’re one of those shower gel lovers that always reads the extracts on the label, just above ‘bath and shower gel’, you’ll be so delighted to know that Treaclemoon now even have their own app – and you can even win prizes from sending in your own designs! Treaclemoon have had such an overwhelming response from their new app and it’s just pure amazing-ness! They always take into consideration what we, as customers, love about their brand, and they love incorporating us into their designs!

Find out more here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 16.01.46

Using this app, you’ll have your chance to send in your own ideas. They might even become a reality! You can use it on iOS 8.0 or later, and whether you have an Android, iPhone or even an iPod touch, you can create your imaginative designs and even be able to share it to all of your friends on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter – even I did my own design (above), and shared it to my Twitter followers!

When creating your own design, you can even write in a little story that would go on the label of the bottle! It’s just so cute! Why not join in with the fun here as well? Tweet at me your designs and even tweet @treaclemoon_UK with your own designs to make sure everyone else can see what awesome designs you’ve made!

In 2015, Treaclemoon also partnered with BulliesOut. What an awesome cause right? They’re an amazing charity that provides assistance and information to individuals to enable all young people in our society to realise how important they are, and to realise their self-worth. Hear more about the project here!

If you’ve tried out the Treaclemoon range (and if you’ve even tried out their new app), pop me a comment or an e-mail or even a Tweet and let me know!

I’m always on the search for new awesome-ly smelling shower gels, so definitely get in touch with me if you’ve found a flavour that you think is the ultimate best!



*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive a bottle of The Honey Comb Secret Shower Gel sent to me by Treaclemoon for review; however, all views and opinions are honest and my own.*

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