Randomise™ (Gamely Ltd.)

Ever attempted to draw an ‘Embarrassed Swan Boiling An Egg’?

Unsure of what to do with the kids this summer? Need a twist on your usual family board games? Procrastinating from revising? If you’ve never attempted to draw an ‘Embarrassed Swan Boiling An Egg’, you need to get your hands on this brand new game!

If you have a few hours and you have no idea what to do with it, whatever your age, life experiences, or degree (yes, students can try it out too!), you can step into a world where you can test your creative capacities and ultimately draw a ‘Gorgeous Worm Playing The Flute’! With Randomise™, nothing is impossible!

Suitable for everyone aged 8+, Randomise™ is THE game to play with your family. Whether you have a career in the arts industry, or whether your children have the wildest of imaginations, Randomise™ gives you the opportunity to explore your crazy and most curious artistic abilities, whether it be through drawing your way to victory, or whether your children opt to act as a ‘Swan Boiling An Egg’!

With 110 cards to choose from (with a few empties to allow you to create a few of your own cards too), this game has the potential to create hours of fun for your children with the hundreds of possible card combinations it can generate!

Find out more here www.randomisegame.com or have the ultimate mixed ‘Charades, Articulate and Pictionary’ experience of a lifetime by purchasing your own set of cards on Amazon for just £9.99!


*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive a copy of Randomise™ sent to me by Gamely Ltd. for review; please note that all views and opinions are honest and my own.*

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