Tillyanna Designs: Special & Beautiful Combined!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for me to write my posts whilst I finished my exams and moved back down to London for the Summer! I’m so grateful that everyone is still very supportive and continues to provide me with such delightful feedback! But now, without further ado… the post you’ve probably been the most excited for since I tweeted about it a few months back…so let us rewind a few months back too!

When Mother’s Day came around, I was absolutely clueless about what I could possibly get my mum this year…I had gone through the usual gift ideas: photo frames, flowers, chocolates, beauty sets etc etc etc…but then I was on notonthehighstreet.com, and came across this beautiful brand: Tillyanna Designs (www.tillyanna.co.uk).

Tillyanna are based in Monmouthshire, and was founded by Helen Parker. Not only did they win the Ethos Award at the notonthehighstreet.com Make Awards last year, but they’ve got designs that will sweep you off your feet. They are just gorgeous!


Tillyanna very kindly sent me over some awesomely personalised products: their A5 notebook, and a lovely make up bag too! As a shopaholic, I have honestly come across a LOT of personalised items in the past year, and I have to say that these are now my ultimate favourites!

The Tillyanna Personalised Notebook retails at £12.75, whereas the Personalised Black Make Up Case retails at £16.00! Definitely worth looking into because I have never come across a brand whose items are literally just so Instagram-photo-perfect!

All of their make up pouches are made from 100% fairtrade certified cotton – amazing (right?!) – whilst all of their very high-quality and delicately made notebooks are made from recycled materials!

Tillyanna have such a wide range of products that can be personalised and gifted to everyone in your family! Whether you want to buy your sibling an awesomely personalised notebook to start their drawings in, or whether you want to buy your parents a brilliantly personalised plant pot like I did (photos to come…) – they just have so many exciting products to choose from!

You can also get hold of their products using their notonthehighstreet link here: www.notonthehighstreet.com/tillyanna!

Have fun!


*Disclaimer: I was super lucky to receive these gift from the team at Tillyanna for me to review and tell all of you guys about! Please note that all views and opinions are honest, and my own.*

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