#GOMO – what?!

You’re probably thinking…what on earth are you on about this time Nat?

#GOMO is a term that was first introduced to me over the summer by Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, where you can both discover great upcoming events, and also create and sell tickets to your own event!


But what does GOMO really mean? It means ‘Going Out More Often’ #GoingOutMoreOften. Have you noticed that the majority of things we have introduced into our life relies really heavily on the internet, whether it be social media, watching tutorials, or even just gaming? Well, I guess we don’t want to believe it, but it does actually mean we stay at home more, or within the confines of what we term ‘Free Wifi’ hotspots.

We’ve all fallen victim to the ‘Netflix and Chill’ concept…

Now, we want to be able to temporarily squish some of those habits. We want to be able to get out there and try to do more with our lives. We’ve all fallen victim to the ‘Netflix and Chill’ concept (HA, if you really do know what this means…), and yes, I admit it, this summer I’ve watched my fair share of Netflix (…reruns of all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls, House MD, Homeland…)

So I took on the challenge, I got out there, and put myself out there a tad bit more.

What did I get up to?

Well…I got a job…or two. HA! You’re probably wondering…how could this be at all fun(!)? I worked my guts out 55 hours a week, I met some incredible people, and I indulged myself with a summer crush.

I have to admit that this summer, I worked so many hours that even I wasn’t sure if I was going to still going to be the same girl that I was at the start of the summer! But I made sure of one thing: that this summer, I would enjoy it.


To me, a large part of my summer was doing more stuff, and committing myself to things I would never have even considered doing before. Prior to this, I had never really contemplated getting a summer job, just because of the usual ‘let’s have a family holiday’ habit, that we all love to enjoy. But since it was the summer of 2nd year, I wanted to do something more. I wanted to experience everything (well…) before I graduate.

I snapped up a job at Heathrow Airport, and I actually really enjoyed it (even having to go through security and getting my bag x-ray’ed at the airport each shift…yep it was like going on holiday each weekend, aside from the fact we never got to step foot onto the plane, have drinks or stay at 5* hotels).

Despite the long shifts, starting either really early at 5am, or ending super late at 10pm, then having to commute back to my side of London, I had a laugh – yep, the banter at 5am on a Saturday morning after a full work week was crazy, but I made some hard-earned cash, I met a bunch of pretty awesome people, had fun and dated an awesome guy.


Working at a kids summer camp meant doing things that I never thought I’d have to do in my life again – from continuous toilet runs with nursery-aged kids, to singing nursery rhymes and sitting in circles eating lunch. Working at minimum wage, with such huge responsibilities made me realise how lucky I have been to have had my parents support me financially throughout high school, and even during my first few years at university.


Lastly, my internship was hands down the best experience of my life – I met individuals and worked with a team that I never would have been able to come across in my life if I hadn’t taken the leap and decided that I wanted to do something relevant and productive during the summer. It’s given me the opportunity to do more, and now I have a new set of skills and experiences that I can build on in the months to come!

I loved every moment of my summer camp job, my internship, and I loved every moment of my weekend retail job. Putting myself out there, I earned and saved money, and I made sure that it was the best summer I could ever have. For the first time in my life, I went to work socials, I celebrated achievements with drinks, and I probably spent most of the money I earned, but hey, I had the experience of my life.

Through all this, I network-ed with people with an entire lifetime of experiences and stories ahead and behind them, and I’ve even started planning my graduation trip to Bhutan (Summer 2017)!

Now, the next step…what can I do next?




PS. Keep checking this page/subscribe if you (hopefully soon)…want to hear about what I got up to this summer! 

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