The Importance of ‘People’ Skills: Adding value, demonstrating potential, and building strong relationships…


Now most of us might be familiar with that ‘awkward’ moment when you are sitting in your new office, on a slightly uncomfortable chair, and you realise that you don’t actually know anyone there. But what you do at that moment in time, recalling a similar situation in Year 7 when you knew absolutely no-one (and when of course sitting in boy/girl order was considered a punishment), becomes heavily dependent on your ‘people’ skills – so, do you run to the coffee room and break the ice with your new squad, or do you hide and phone mum?

“They can be taught, practised, applied, and even mastered over time!”

Such skills are generally classed as your ability to talk, empathize, interact and understand others. But in a nutshell, these are the skills that you need to have in order to get through life in one piece. They can be taught, practised, applied, and even mastered over time! Acquiring a strong set of ‘people’ skills is very important and without such skills, you almost become limited to the ways you can develop socially and emotionally, substantially limiting the exposure of your true capabilities.

In the real world, the best opportunities do not get given to you out of thin air – you have to earn it. And you will notice that in life, it is not always about ‘what’ you know; it can also be about ‘who’ you know. Even the set-up for a large collection of movies are based on friends setting their ‘gals’ or ‘guys’ up on dates, or about one meeting their other half at a mutual friends’ party – thereby having strong communication, listening, persuasion, and mutual understanding skills, pretty much sets you up for life.

“Skills…pretty much set you up for life”

Similarly, you will need to possess skill forms in negotiation and mediation in whatever field you are in. You will never get everything that you want, so you will need to learn the art of compromising. This itself has the potential to open doors, whilst giving you strong rapport amongst your friends and employers, encouraging harmonic and supportive peer environments. More so, this mind-set could ultimately be the difference between getting a promotion, and getting looked down on for being stubborn.


Can you even “…add value to your goals and accomplishments”?

To be devoted to becoming people-orientated is not as easy as it sounds; no matter how far up the ladder you are, there will be someone you clash with. But relationships are formed on a give-and-take basis, and you will need others to add value to your goals and accomplishments. Nowadays most friendships are even formed on the basis of ‘people-people’ accepting that we all have our own quirks – so why not embrace the weirdness?!

Once your ‘people’ skills are ‘on point’, you will be able to boast your true potential, and open doors to endless possibilities! In many ways, how well you choose to use those interpersonal skills is entirely up to you – but is the world ready to see just what you are capable of achieving?



Hope you enjoyed reading!




This post was written and submitted by Natalie Wong at for entry into the Activia Training UK Scholarship. More details can be found here:

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