About Nat

Natalie is a British-born blogger and science communicator currently pursuing a PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of York.

  • Natalie considers herself to be a keen traveller and a mad logistical addict. Her expertise and research interests lie within the fields of mass spectrometry, photochemistry, and cosmetic formulation development. Her current PhD research aims to develop a robust molecular-level understanding of the photochemistry and photophysics behind sunscreen formulations.
  • Natalie studied her GCSEs at Queensmead School and A-levels at Watford Grammar, before graduating with First Class Honours in Medicinal Chemistry and Neuroscience from the University of Keele in the Summer of 2017.
  • During her undergraduate studies, she was elected as Vice-President of the Keele Chemical Sciences Society and as Science & Technology Editor of Keele Concourse, the university’s student-led magazine. Natalie later became a freelance life sciences tutor in 2014, and in 2016, a specialist personal statements tutor, a role she still holds to date.
  • In 2015, she embarked on a semester abroad at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, where she took classes in quantitative chemistry and neuropsychology, later joining the University’s Global Event Team, and the Keele Global Education Peer Advisor Team upon her return.
  • Natalie interned for Brandcast Health, an award-winning Digital MedComms agency, in the summer of 2016, and has since worked closely with several freelance writers, frequently guest blogging and publishing articles on behalf of companies like Taste Uni Ltd. and EventBrite.
  • In November 2016, Natalie was voted in as the runner-up of the Activia Training Scholarship with her piece entitled ‘the Importance of People Skills: Adding Value, Demonstrating Potential, and Building Strong Relationships’, and has notably received a Silver Award in the Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition.
  • Shortly after graduating in the summer of 2017, Natalie interned in the field of Marketing Communications with PerkinElmer Inc., and later renewed her contract, opting to work remotely with them alongside her PhD studies at York.

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