Throwing back to the Summer of 2019

Gosh. The Summer of 2019... Doesn't that just seem like an entire lifetime ago? Where did the time even go?! I remember sitting on the plane editing some photos thinking, 'hell, these would look lovely on my Insta'... and yet, life got busy and I never got round to sharing a lot of them. Although … Continue reading Throwing back to the Summer of 2019

The Bucket v2018

The inevitable has arrived. So in the spirit of things, the Bucket v2015 may not have entirely been something that was that realistic to achieve at that point in my life. 3 years on, let's try again?   Let's begin: 1. Attend a festival abroad (Girona, May 2019) 2. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany … Continue reading The Bucket v2018

Have I grown up yet?: 17 things to tick off before I’m 29

As children, we put this idea into our head that anyone over the age of about 18, or even 21, is a 'grown up'. Well, yep...ish - at 18, you can legally drink in the UK, place a bet at a betting shop, and even get a tattoo; and at 21, you can even supervise … Continue reading Have I grown up yet?: 17 things to tick off before I’m 29

#GOMO – what?!

You're probably thinking...what on earth are you on about this time Nat? #GOMO is a term that was first introduced to me over the summer by Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, where you can both discover great upcoming events, and also create and sell tickets to your own event! #GoingOutMoreOften But what does GOMO really … Continue reading #GOMO – what?!

Pristine: Dead Sea Mud Mask Product Review

The past few months have been hectic for me. I've travelled to and from uni a fair few times, woken up at very awkward hours to complete editing deadlines, and as a result, I haven't really had time to keep up with my ideal 'beauty' routines as such. Since my routine was a wreck, I decided I … Continue reading Pristine: Dead Sea Mud Mask Product Review

Tillyanna Designs: Special & Beautiful Combined!

Dear Readers, Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for me to write my posts whilst I finished my exams and moved back down to London for the Summer! I'm so grateful that everyone is still very supportive and continues to provide me with such delightful feedback! But now, without further ado... the post you've … Continue reading Tillyanna Designs: Special & Beautiful Combined!

7 Excuses Everyone Makes When Working At Home

1. The room is too quiet Ever noticed that whenever you go to work at home you always get distracted by...well, everything? You just stare at the blank wall, and try to convince yourself that you're actually going to be doing some work whilst staring at that famous and boring wall. 2. There isn't enough room for … Continue reading 7 Excuses Everyone Makes When Working At Home