Marking the End of an Era: I Graduated!

A post that has been long overdue. After three long years of hard work, sweat, tears, resilience, and hanging on to the dream of achieving bigger things in life, I graduated last summer with a First Class Honours degree in Medicinal Chemistry & Neuroscience from Keele University. That day, six months on, still remains so … Continue reading Marking the End of an Era: I Graduated!

#GOMO – what?!

You're probably thinking...what on earth are you on about this time Nat? #GOMO is a term that was first introduced to me over the summer by Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform, where you can both discover great upcoming events, and also create and sell tickets to your own event! #GoingOutMoreOften But what does GOMO really … Continue reading #GOMO – what?!

Returning home after 4 months… So it has almost been two whole months since I returned from studying abroad at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. AHHHHH DROWNING IN WORK! If you're wondering, 'Why hasn't she posted more things and photos about her time abroad?' The truth is, I'm getting there! I take about 100 random photos (whether … Continue reading Returning home after 4 months…

My new Sunday morning routine

So I'm attempting to get into a 'Sunday morning' routine. And well, what does this consist of? It's 9am, and I've already done my washing, tumble-drying, folding, wardrobing, the food shopping, the dishes (in the kitchen), and I've printed out next week's lecture notes. I'm quite a happy bunny this morning if I do have … Continue reading My new Sunday morning routine