Marking the End of an Era: I Graduated!

A post that has been long overdue. After three long years of hard work, sweat, tears, resilience, and hanging on to the dream of achieving bigger things in life, I graduated last summer with a First Class Honours degree in Medicinal Chemistry & Neuroscience from Keele University. That day, six months on, still remains so … Continue reading Marking the End of an Era: I Graduated!

Returning home after 4 months… So it has almost been two whole months since I returned from studying abroad at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. AHHHHH DROWNING IN WORK! If you're wondering, 'Why hasn't she posted more things and photos about her time abroad?' The truth is, I'm getting there! I take about 100 random photos (whether … Continue reading Returning home after 4 months…

Product Review: Formula X (+Sephora, Copenhagen)

I have ultimately found my favourite nail polish! Regretfully, I didn't buy more (yes, I would probably have had ended up broke but look - student finance is here again!), but if I do end up heading back to N. America during the summer break with my parents, shopping excessively in Sephora is something on … Continue reading Product Review: Formula X (+Sephora, Copenhagen)

Itami Sushi Japanese Restaurant Review – Victoria, BC

*A post you guys have been waiting months for!* I have to admit, when researching places to visit in Victoria, the majority of the items that came up on Tripadvisor was actually food. Thus, it made sense to just eat as much as I can right? Itami Sushi had been personally recommended to me by the … Continue reading Itami Sushi Japanese Restaurant Review – Victoria, BC

9 Reasons Why I Decided To Study Abroad

Just over a year ago, the process of applying for an International Exchange Programme at Keele began. It consisted of visiting the Peer Advisors at the Study Abroad Fair, attending a handful of compulsory meetings, and then the very very long application process of applying to a selection of your favourite universities that have partnered with Keele. Whilst … Continue reading 9 Reasons Why I Decided To Study Abroad

8 Steps to Choosing the Perfect University For You

So I think it's about time I posted this blog post. I've had it pending for a good few weeks now, but after having a lot of people ask me questions about the topic, it's time. 'LOL. Who does that?' 1. Don't just 'go with the flow' So the most important part of applying to … Continue reading 8 Steps to Choosing the Perfect University For You

Quick updates: summer/food/exams/sun (what’s coming up…) guys are probably wondering where I have been the last couple of weeks. Well, all I can say is: Easter holidays (which, being a typical university student usually means revising/roaming around London catching up on all my shopping and being thrifty...aka the student version of saving up?). I've been posting on Instagram quite regularly … Continue reading Quick updates: summer/food/exams/sun (what’s coming up…)