Everything on this website is owned, and was created by me. Instagram posts, alike, will be linked and hosted from my own personal account @enngigi, and other links shared with you all, will be with permission of the original owner, where possible! Please do pop me an email if you wish to use my photos or content – whilst this is perfectly awesome for you to do so, please just let me know so that I’m aware where my work is ending up, and if you could link the images back to this website, I’d be most grateful.


Affiliate links will be linked directly to the product, and made obvious on each blog post where necessary!


As any other blogger would, I love collaborating with companies to create sponsored posts. But as it would go, I will not, and do not, accept any pre-written texts, as this ‘rule’ eliminates any potential controversy towards the honesty and authenticity of my own work, and will enable for a more genuine approach to how products are promoted across my blog.

Further, price/rates for sponsored posts will vary based on the length and number of images deemed necessary for the post, alongside the time required to generate such high quality pieces. Enquiries to my email are most welcome, but please do appreciate that there is usually a 2-3 day turnaround, and I will try anything to get back to you as soon as I can!

Essentially, all my product reviews are genuine and are not shaken by the fact that the company, or individual have sent them to be to be promoted. If I think that a product is unsuitable, or has not worked well for me, I will discuss this with the company or individual and feedback to them individually. If they would still wish for me to express my opinions and views on the product on my blog, all opinions will be truthful and not in any way biased towards the company.